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“Tell both off, are you for real?” Abigail rolled her eyes.

Sybil smiled. “Remember one old Brad Pitt movie where the girl went through all three brothers?”

“Legends of the fall,” Toya said.

Sybil gasped. “How did you know it?”

“I just googled it, lol,” Toya said. “I watched it a while back.”

“Yeah, it was popular at a time,” Sybil said.

“I was way over my head watching all Brad Pitt movies.” Toya laughed. “Then I saw too young to die or so and stopped. I hate the movie.”

“I haven’t seen that one,” Sybil said.

Toya snickered. “You’re not missing anything. He was awful.”

“Awful acting or the movie itself?” Sybil said.

“As you ladies can guess, on the farm, we watch our animals for recreation, not American movies,” Abigail said.

Sybil laughed. “You’re funny.”

“She is,” Toya said. “So, what’s this sister saying about two brothers?”

Dear BSS Crew. My name is MD and I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood. Most of the families were well-to-do and knew one another. Growing up we had Christmas parties, Easter picnics and so on. As we all started leaving home to pursue our dreams, it became even more fun when we all come back home in December.

Well, last December, as usual, I came home with my siblings and there was a wedding in the community, and we all attended with my parents. There was this family, way back when we were growing up, were almost the richest and they had three sons. At the wedding, two were in attendance. I must confess that I had a huge crush on the older brother for years but after I graduated and left home, I didn’t know much about him again.

Well, he came to sit on the table with me and my siblings. From one thing to the other, he asked me out. We went on a date and I really enjoyed myself. I was going to be home for just two weeks, and he wanted us to see every day, and we did. When I got back to my base, I got a call from his younger brother who said he found my number on his brother’s phone and knows we two did some stuff together but he really liked me and wanted to get to know me better.

I told him immediately that I was in a relationship with his brother and had no intention of doing anything with him. To cut a long story short, I am currently talking to both brothers. Thankfully, we don’t live in the same town. The younger one is really sweet and funny, and the older is the one I started with. What do I do?

“Hian, I thought it was even more complicated,” Abigail said. “Like maybe she didn’t know they were brothers.”

“Oya, you are the one with experience, what should she do?”

“What kind nonsense experience? I wasn’t dating two brothers at the same time!”

“Don’t mind her, jare. Experience ko! How does it even relate?”

“Leave her, she wants to yab!”

“So, what does this our sister do? I mean, she should choose one straight up.”

“Easier said than done. Obviously, she got carried away with these two boys from a rich family wanting her.”

“But the older went first. She should stick with him.”

“Probably when they both know what she’s doing, they’ll break up with her.”

“The younger knows already. He is the culprit. I can imagine him laughing at their backs. Knowing the confusion he’s putting between his brother and the babe.”

“Unless he’s really in love with her and fighting his own urge and feelings.”

“Could that be why he didn’t go for her during the holidays?”

“You know how brothers behave. Anyone generally. Maybe his biggie had been talking about her and he didn’t know how to go for her.”

“Or probably he was fighting his feelings and hoping his attraction would fade.”

“Or maybe we are giving him too much credit. Maybe he’s a mischievous person.”

“Well, she has to take a decision.”

“I think she should go for the younger brother.”

“Why? The older went first and she agreed.”

“She should toss both of them. It’s nonsense. What if it’s a test?”

“Why would they test her?”

“Who knows why men do what men do?”

“Well, what’s our verdict?”

“She should follow her heart. But she must decide immediately.”

“Very correct. She alone knows how the younger got under her skin.”

“And if she’s a player, she won’t get away with it so she should be serious.”

“I think she knows what to do. She just wants to hear from us.”


“Let’s pray.”


BSS Crew is taking a break for Abigail to have a baby! Catch you all later…


“What does it mean?” Abigail said.

Sybil and Toya spoke at the same time.

“Don’t be naïve, come on.”

“Ahn! Is she married to the pastor?”

“I don’t know what it means!” Abigail exclaimed. “Is it every marriage term you know?”

“Considering it is not a marriage term but a sex term, I expect you to know,” Sybil said.

“I have only known two men in my life o!” Abigail cried. “The first was gay so you can imagine what sex was like with him, and the second is the gay man’s brother.”

The three burst into laughter.

“Well, it’s not like I was a randy somebori!” Sybil rolled her eyes. “But it’s just street language that means giving a man oral sex.”

“Oh.” Abigail’s eyes widened. “Why blow job? Or I see. Hian.”

“You’re so naïve.” Toya smiled. “How old are you again?”

Abigail pouted. “Old enough.”

Sybil turned to her screen. “Anyway, is she married to the pastor?”

“Let’s find out,” Toya said.

Dear BSS, my name is SO, and I was a member of a big church. If I mention my church, you would know the senior pastor. He is always in the news doing a big program or speaking with big people in government. When I was sixteen, and the church had only one branch, my father, who was the pastor’s old school mate, sent me to live with him while I wrote my JAMB and external WAEC. Daddy thought it was good for me to be under my pastor’s watch at such a young age, especially because I didn’t do too well in school. Pastor’s wife was very nice too. They had twin sons who were both younger than me by a few years. The atmosphere in the house was very calm. Another sister from church lived with us, and there was a housemaid too.

The first month went well. I loved living in Pastor’s house. There was always activity and fun, his wife was very kind, there was plenty of food. Pastor was strict and we prayed every day and studied the word in a very spiritual atmosphere.

One day, after everyone had gone to bed, Pastor came and knocked on the door of the girls’ room, where I slept with the other sister and the housemaid, and called me. I was already asleep and disoriented. He said I should come with him to his private study. And there he asked me for a blow job. I didn’t know what it meant. Especially because he looked very serious and calm. When I told him, I didn’t know what it was, he calmly explained it to me in detail. And told me it was the least I could do for him.

Till tomorrow, it baffles me at the calm and simple way he made that request. It was close to three in the morning. Everyone was asleep. He could have been asking me to get him a glass of cold water. I remember I shook my head and exclaimed, “Daddy!” He only smiled and told me I had to do it. That he would be very displeased with me if I didn’t.

I have condemned myself over and over again over the years for going on my knees that night while he sat in his huge swivel chair and suck him until he came on my face.


Because it didn’t stop. A few nights later, while his wife and children slept a few doors away, I did it again. And again. And he wanted more. He disvirgined me. He got me an abortion. He gave me an STD. Finally, at the end of one year, I got admission into the university and left his house.

It’s been fifteen years. Ten of those years I actively treated a stubborn STD. No one knew where I got it from. I couldn’t tell. A doctor told me it could just keep coming back in different forms, and I may never have children. I got married to a great guy about five years ago, who I told everything, but now I am afraid this guilt, and hatred for this pastor will never go away.

My husband and I decided never to bring it out. God has been kind to us, and we are blessed with a son. I still see some symptoms of that horrible disease, but it is not serious. But I think I will never heal and it is my punishment for willingly doing that with the pastor.

I haven’t been in touch with him since then, though my father still tries to keep in touch and appreciate him. One thing though, I fought like mad and they didn’t send my sister to the pastor’s house when she was about sixteen.

Do his wife and children know? I don’t know. Does he do this to others? I really don’t know. I just want to heal. He is very big now, so I will never come out with this especially because I am a nobody and I will be chewed raw if I try. But I just needed to vent and to tell any young girls out there never to allow fear or intimidation to make them succumb to such evil manipulation.

“Ahhhhh! I could scream!” Toya screamed.

“This is the worst form of abuse.” Abigail shuddered. “I can’t. I can’t deal.”

“I’m totally speechless,” Sybil said. “You know, I see things like this in the news and I smirk. I could never believe those stories.”

Toya gasped. “But why? Girls get abused like this every day!”

“I know. But by a man of God?” Sybil sighed. “Why would a man of God do this to a teenage girl left in his care?”

Abigail leaned forward. “So, you don’t believe this story?”

“I do! I certainly do. Just so baffled.”

“When we were growing up, two girls, my mother always told us she would believe us. Even if it was Daddy.” Toya shook her head. “She’d say it in front of daddy, and I always thought she was extra.” She shrugged. “But as I grew older, I realized she gave us the best self-esteem.”

“Wow! That is so important. To build such confidence in a young girl.”

“I read this story and I ask, where were the mothers? Her mother and the pastor’s wife?”

“Eleven months running, and he was doing that, and Mummy Pastor never found out?”

“My yansh!”

“I feel she knew and just turned a blind eye.”

“I feel pain in my stomach.”

“She just wanted to rant, poor woman. But at least, she got a good man.”

“Abi! Thank God.”

“Nonetheless, we need to post our free call and text numbers. If anyone is sexually abusing you, contact us immediately! Even your father does not deserve to be protected.”

“Or mother.”

“Aunt, uncle, neighbor, pastor!”

“We’ll send SO a bunch of roses. What city is she in?”

“Ah, close enough. Great.”

“And we will be praying for her and all other girls and women dealing with this.”

“Shall we pray now?”

“Yes, please. Lord have mercy.”





“Tell both off, are you for real?”

“Remember one old Brad Pitt movie where the girl went through all three brothers?”



Sybil yawned. “Didn’t we see this story before?”

“I don’t think so. Though, it’s a common story,” Toya said. “Remember when we are small and one small boy will come and say, my uncle, said I should call you.”

Abigail laughed. “I thought that happened only to village girls.”

“I even had a boy come to me on behalf of his friend.” Sybil laughed. “I was like, for real? He cannot talk for himself?”

Toya snickered. “That is so funny. Friend ke?”

“The bad part is that I had been having a crush on the silly boy, so when he came, I was happy. Only for him to say he was asking for a friend.” Sybil rolled her eyes. “Chei!”

“Ewooo! You should have just told him you like him too,” Abigail said.

“Ah, I was a hot chick on the street o.” Sybil sniffed. “Wanted by all the boys except that clown.”

“I think he liked you too, and was hiding behind his friend,” Toya said.

Sybil smiled. “Shey, little coward.”

“I’ll read what we have here,” Toya said.

Dear BSS Crew, my name is BB and my brother’s name is DB. He’s currently married, though separated from his wife. The wife has been trying to get back to him though my brother says he’s done – he doesn’t want the wife anymore. Even her family has tried to intervene. I think she cheated on him. Anyway, DB started dating this really nice and beautiful girl in my office. This girl is really cool. She’s respectful, hardworking, and very pretty. My brother said he fell for her the first time he saw her.

Recently, he proposed to her, but she wants to take things easy. And now she’s also asking me questions about my brother. DB had warned me not to let her know he’s still married. The divorce papers have not even been filed as my parents also asked him to slow down, families are still talking about the marriage.

The girl has asked me if my brother is hiding anything from her and I said no. She’s my very good office friend and I feel rotten to lie but I don’t know what else to do. I feel my Pinocchio nose will get longer and the girl will find out I am lying and detest me.

“I will detest you, definitely, but my allegiance is to my brother.”

“It’s not fair he’s making her lie.”

“Why not just tell the girl he’s separated?”

“If the girl is as hot as BB says, she probably made it clear she doesn’t want to marry a divorcee.”

“Better tell the truth. Than for her to find out.”

“You’re right. But what does BB do? She’s now in the middle.”

“I don’t think she has any issues. She should call her brother and make it clear she’s going to tell. Either he tells her himself or she does.”

“How would she do that?  His relationship is none of her business.”

“But it is. As soon as the brother said, don’t tell, and the lady said tell me about your brother…”

“I’ll just say I don’t involve myself.”

“Easier said than done.”

“Is he older or younger?”

“Doesn’t say.”

“This is really not difficult. BB needs to tell DB the game is over. Let him know she’s going to tell the lady he is still married, and his wife doesn’t want to give him a divorce.”

“Easier said than done.”

“You keep saying that.”

“Because I know! You think DB will start begging BB not to talk? He will manipulate her, threaten her. And from this post, she seems to either fear him or really very protective.”

“Or both.”

“Well, possibly.”

“So, what’s our verdict?”

“She needs to keep the pretense.”

“I disagree.”

“She should confide in someone who can talk to DB.”

“Can work, possibly. But we don’t know if DB is generally a bully.”

“I’ll just tell the girl the truth. Damn the consequences.”

“I don’t even know what to think again. To tell or not to tell? Sai!”

“I will err on the side of truth. BB should tell DB she’s going to spill the beans the next time the girl asks her. If DB doesn’t tell her.”

“Sounds simple but it’s e…”

“Zier said than done. That’s the verdict, biko. Let’s pray.”





“What does it mean?”


Toya cooed. “I have the best in-laws.”

Sybil rolled her eyes. “I don’t.”

“Well, shall we say, I am comfortably in the middle.” Abigail laughed. “When I first arrived with my husband, my mother-in-law welcomed me with joy until she discovered I was Moses’ widow.”

“I can just imagine how horrified she was.” Toya gasped. “And, I mean, let me just ask. How did you even feel marrying your once-upon-a-time brother-in-law?”

Sybil snickered. “Who would have told her, anyway? Wasn’t that supposed to be none of her business?”

Abigail shrugged. “Elijah and I decided we would not tell anyone any of what happened back in Rivers. But then, after like a week, my mother-in-law came to our house huffing and puffing.”

“Maybe she went to find out about your family,” Sybil said. “My mother-in-law did. Very nasty woman!”

Toya shouted. “Investigating has its advantages o!”

“Of course, not when you mean it for evil. And ignore the good part and push only the bad.” Sybil snapped. “No family or person is perfect.”

“True that,” Toya said. “So, Abigail, talk to me. Moses just died and you were next thing cuddling his baby brother.”

Abigail threw back her head and laughed. “Chei! Gbeborun can kill some people.”

“Plus gbefila and gbegele!” Toya nodded. “Thank you. Answer question.”

“This is so funny.” Abigail chuckled. “You sef, don’t you see the guy? Heaven sees my heart; I fell for him the first time I saw him. Moses who?”

All three ladies laughed.

“I mean Moses was good riddance, honestly, God save his soul in heaven, but I was glad to be free of that marriage.” Abigail clasped her hand over her mouth. “Will God strike me down for saying that?”

“I can’t blame you.” Sybil shrugged. “You were how old, sixteen? He was cheating on you with a small boy, not giving you money…”

Toya scoffed. “You were abused! All the more reason why you should steer clear of his brother.”

Sybil arched an eyebrow. “Hian, Toya. Calm down.”

“I guess many people see me like that.” Abigail sighed. “The boy fine na!”

Sybil laughed. “You still making a joke of it?”

“I should cry? Huh.” Abigail kissed her teeth. “Elijah makes me happy. He’s compensation for how I suffered with this brother o!”

“Anyway, what’s this mother-in-law wanting on somebody’s bed?” Toya squinted at her screen. “Let me read.”

Dear BSS Crew. My name is EJ. The last time I visited my parents-in-law with my husband, my mother-in-law spent two hours straight berating me for being a bad influence on her son, while he sat there just gazing into space. Each time he tried to talk, she shut him up.

I told my husband I was never visiting his family home again. If any of them wanted to see me, they should come to my house. The truth is that his parents have never been supportive. On the contrary, out of their five children, my husband, who is a middle child is the only one who tries the best, giving, visiting, making me and our two children visit and so on. I have been my best, but these people are not satisfied.

Anyway, about four months after that visit, Mummy took ill. My husband offered that she should come and stay with us. I am a nurse, my husband is a doctor, and we could take better care of her with her in our house. I had two housemaids, and my two school-age children liked her.

Well, first night in our house, she complained that she had nightmares when she slept alone in a strange house and wanted to sleep in our bed. My husband and I exchanged glances. I shrugged and told him to do whatever he wanted. That night I was working night duty. But after I left the house, I had second thoughts.

Mummy has been in our house for a week and has slept in our bed every night. My husband pushed in a small bed and slept on it while I have slept with our daughter on the nights I did not work. I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s not right. What do you suggest?

Sybil gasped. “Pure bullshit, excuse my Efik!”

Abigail laughed. “It’s Yoruba people who curse o, not Efik!”

“Her Ijesa people, abeg, not all Yorubas,” Toya said.

“Okay, excuse my Ijesa.” Sybil rolled her eyes. “But really. She what?”

“Which she? Mother-in-law or EJ?”

“Both! I will never agree to leave my bed for any mama! I even trust Jimmy.”

“Good point. If her husband did not object…”

“Exactly. He even moved a bed into the room so he could sleep with his mother.”

“Strange times and things.”

“Strange gini? Oh please. It’s not right. It’s madness.”

“Mama has fever. Why blame her?”

“I will scream that fever out of her body.”

“Believe me, a mama who can spend two hours berating you, fever or no, can scream louder than you o.”

“So disgusting.”

“What will you do?”

“If we have a guest room, I will move there. Let her and her son be doing stupidity. I need my peace, abeg.”

“I think her son should not condone that. Or they return her to her house, maybe with one of the maids until she gets better.”

“Or I join my bobo on the small bed. We make wild love until mama carries her wrapper and leave our room.”

“You have killed me. No! That is the comedy of the century.”

“Orgasm that I have not had for two weeks sef, I will explode it.”

“Oh, dear Lord.”

“Yelz! Nobody will tell her to get out of my room.”

“Can we be serious?”

“We are being serious!”

“Huh! So, is that a verdict?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“She should go and join her husband in the small bed?”

“And give him head! Desperate times call for desperate measures, baby!”

“Please, abeg. Let us pray. You two are way over your heads.”

“Let us pray! Haha.”





“Didn’t we see this story before?”


“I’m not talking about sex.” Toya shook her head. “Next!”

Sybil laughed. “Says the one who is more concerned about instrument than secret.”

“Every day is normal for me.” Abigail scoffed. “I’m married to a farmer, for crying out loud!”

“Huh? So, if he’s a farmer, nko?” Toya arched an eyebrow. “How does that change anything?”

“Sowing and reaping.” Abigail sniffed. “Is that difficult to figure out?”

The other two laughed.

Sybil screeched. “Wait o, this person is not talking about sex.” She squinted. “It’s date nights.”

“Hahahaha!” Toya guffawed. “Oh, you shouldn’t have mentioned it. Let the farmer’s wife explain how sex is equal to seedtime and harvest.”

“Abeg! What sort of heading did she come and give her post?” Abigail rolled her eyes. “People need to be taught how to present their matters.”

Toya bent over and hiccupped as she tried to control the bouts of laughter. “I can’t breathe o! You ladies have to stop, please.”

Sybil wiped laughing tears. “Next, we will be discussing styles.”

Abigail pursed her lips. “When you people finish lahving, can I read?”

Before we got married, my husband took me out at least three or four times a week. Sorry, hello BSS Crew. My name is WE. So, my husband always liked to hang out. Sometimes, we can even hang out every day for a week. During the holidays, carnival month especially, we hung out every day for a month. I am a nightcrawler and so was he. As soon as we got married, he stopped altogether. Someone who used to pick me up straight from work and we go out until midnight, now came home and just wanted to eat and watch TV or something. I couldn’t-can’t understand it. My husband says it is not normal for a married woman to be out on the night, even with her husband. I totally disagree. This was something we really enjoyed together. I am even puzzled that he had a complete turnaround and wants to be a potato couch.

To be sure I am not being silly, I met him at a club. It’s not as if I was the one who turned him into a crawler. His friends would sometimes come to the house, or we go visiting but clubbing, bars, night parties have stopped. FULL STOP, that is.

I have quarreled, tried to reason, nothing. My guy wants to just eat and sleep these days. So now, my question is, what’s normal? I hate coming home to eat and sleep so I want to propose date nights. Cinema, or dinner at someplace, maybe even the beach, go to a resort…things like that. What is okay?

“Get pregnant!” Toya laughed.

“Chei! That is so sexist, madam!” Sybil joined in.

“I don’t know o! This woman reminds me of one amebo who lived in my compound back in Rivers,” Abigail said. “She sits by her window to monitor everyone and everything.”

Toya exclaimed. “That comparison is so judgmental!”

Abigail gasped. “How? A married woman who doesn’t want to come home and cook and be with her husband is a complete amebo!”

“No, I disagree,” Toya said.

Abigail smirked. “Then why did you laugh, hypocrite!”

“Because I said the silliest thing on earth, for her to get pregnant,” Toya said. “Huh.”

“But what you said is probably what’s going on in her husband’s mind.” Sybil shrugged. “A woman gets married, the next thing they are looking at her stomach!”

Abigail nodded. “True. Doesn’t make it right, though.”

“It’s just the way we behave, especially in this country.” Sybil shook her head. “I was with my husband for just a few days after we got married, and then he returned to his base. Can you believe people were looking at my stomach?” She snickered. “When I saw my period, even my sweet mother cried.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“It’s a horrible narrative we have to live with.”

“So, back to this night crawling woman, is it wrong for her to continue enjoying what she enjoyed as a single lady?”

“Of course not, but how does she plan to make her husband understand when he probably thinks she should be getting pregnant by now.”

“She didn’t mention that he thinks like that, though.”

“Because she’s not listening to him. How can a man change so suddenly? He’s trying to tell her something.”


“I don’t know. Maybe he wants to stay home so she won’t be able to go out.”

“He definitely wants her to stay home. His reason is unclear.”

“She needs to find out why. And start reorienting her mind about crawling.”

“I think she’s already doing that, by asking for date nights instead.”

“I think she shouldn’t ask for anything. She should just relax and enjoy staying at home.”

“She should pretend?”

“No! It’s not pretending. It’s compromising. Meeting him at his end of the conversation, and then slowly walking him towards her own end.”

“Is this the verdict?”

“You might be shocked by what his reasons are.”


“He may be afraid someone will steal her.”

“Oh, come on!”

“You just might not know.”

“Anyway, what’s normal? Once or twice? Without the seedtime and harvest coming in?”


“Once is okay. For such a man as her husband though, I’d say once in a month!”

“Isn’t that small?”

“For someone who wants to stay home, it’s a starting point.”

“We don’t do date nights.”

“We know.”

“For those who do, it also depends on the size of the family, and the type of jobs they do. There’s no hard and fast rule. She should just flow with her husband.”

“And that’s the verdict.”

“Let us pray.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes ke? What else? She needs to feel her husband’s vibes and meet him there. Any change to what’s going on has to be subtle.”

“Correct! Let’s pray.”





“I have the best in-laws.”

“I don’t.”


“It’s not easy something,” Abigail said.

“Submission is never an easy subject,” Toya said. “And when we listen to the older generation, it’s a different ball game entirely.”

“True. I couldn’t believe when my mum told me she submitted,” Sybil did the inverted comma sign, “all her income to my father at some point.”

“I thought your parents were never married,” Toya said.

Sybil scoffed. “That’s what I thought too. We lived alone but he visited. I thought he had other wives. I don’t know.”

Abigail frowned. “It’s incredible. And she gave him all her salary?”

“All her income. Capital and profit. She didn’t earn a salary,” Sybil said.

Toya shrugged. “Then what?”

“Then he would give her what we would feed on for the week, or month.” Sybil shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“That sucks.” Toya gasped. “Well, it just proves what I was saying. I never asked my mum how they handled money, but I remember she told me she had a secret purse.”

Abigail groaned. “Hmm, that’s a huge subject o!”

“Well,” Sybil sighed. “Let’s see what this post is about.”

Dear BSS Crew. My name is JJ. I have been married for just three years plus. When I first got married, I was working in a bank, but I left the job some months later after I couldn’t get a transfer to join my husband in his city. For some months, I couldn’t get a job, then I got pregnant, and had the first baby. Then the second came almost immediately.


“Toya, shut up.”

Well, now I’m back, and I just got a job. Before now, my husband gives me a weekly allowance and if I need anything, I tell him and he adds it. But now I have a job. I’ve had it for two months. A colleague asked me recently how much my husband gives me and I was confused. Since I started work, he hasn’t given me anything and really, my job pays well. I replied my colleague that I just ask when I need money, which is partly true, but I haven’t done so since I started work, and hubby has not given either. My issue is this: when it comes to money, must my husband give me something? I have been buying food and small stuff for the kids. He pays rent and daycare for the babies. Is this something we should sit down and discuss? And if he must give me money, how much is appropriate?

“Hmmm! Big, but important questions.” Sybil looked at the others. “Oya, go personal.”

Toya sighed. “Well, to be sincere, Frank and I never talked about money. Every month, he dumps a hundred grand in my account. We don’t have kids, as you both know. Don’t plan to have for a while.” She shrugged. “I use the money for housekeep and for myself.”

“A hundred grand for just two people. Now we know the rich ones.” Abigail laughed.

Toya pouted. “Very funny. You like to do comedy, sha.”

“Talk your own, jor. Let it out now!” Sybil clapped.

“We all know my husband is a farmer. Ah.” Abigail gasped. “What does a farmer’s wife need?”

“Oh dear. Abigail!” Sybil snapped. “If I come and catch you there.”

“Honestly, to God. He pays for everything. I have a bank card, but I have never bothered about the balance.” Abigail covered her face. “I have to check the balance on that account o.”

“Okay, we got you. Blank cheque.” Sybil laughed. “I get five hundred pounds every month.”

Toya arched an eyebrow. “That’s it?”

“Yep. That’s it. We don’t pay rent as you know.” She shrugged. “I share a lot of stuff with the other women, you know, officers’ wives, we bulk buy food.”

“What do you use five hundred pounds for?”

“Personal stuff.”

“Isn’t that small?”

“I don’t spend it on anything. Jimmy funds all the credit cards for monthly expenses. Even to groceries.”

“So, basically, I am the only one who gets a regular amount for housekeeping.”


“So, how did we get to these agreements? For me, I saw a hundred grand in my account at the beginning of our first month and asked what it was for? He said housekeep. And that’s it.”

“You’ve been married for three years. No increase?”

“No increase.”

“What about inflation?”

“What does a farmer’s wife know about inflation?”


“Okay, what’s the verdict? JJ asked some serious questions.”

“Well, she’s had two months of silence, and if it’s bothering her, she should raise the matter with her hubby.”

“What if he says she’s working now and doesn’t need money.”

“Then she tells him, she needs money. She doesn’t have to fight. Just discuss.”

“But he stopped her allowance for two months and she said nothing. Which means she doesn’t need it!”

“I’ll just say a man needs to give his woman money. It’s part of his obligation. She should talk about money with him.”

“What if he says she’s working…”

“Then she has to tell him yes, but she wants them to start spending together, saving, doing capital projects and so on.”

“Some men don’t like to have that conversation.”

“All women need to have it. If your man doesn’t like it, then you need to find a way to bring it up.”

“Money is important.”

“Money is crucial.”

“So, how much should she ask him?”

“I’d say they have that conversation first. She should feel him out. Know what he thinks.”

“I’d just say what he gave her before she got the job. He still has it, he’s just not giving it.”

“Makes sense.”

“Or a fraction. Since she works now.”

“Ah, I had a colleague back when I was teaching, whose husband told her, keep your money! I own you.”

“God forbid!”

“What’s God forbid? The girl had no problem.”

“No o, we own each other. Simple.”

“Hmm, as in, you understand nah!”

“That’s where it starts from. All that I own you doesn’t work for me.”

“Another piece of advice for JJ. She could you know share responsibilities. If he earns more, she could take housekeeping while he paid school fees, house rent, the big stuff.”

“That’s a good one too.”

“And the nosy colleague who wants to know how much JJ gets, if she does?”

“If not for you ladies, and what we are trying to do here, no one knows how much I get. Not even my mother.”

“Good advice.”

“Do we have a verdict?”


“That was not too difficult, I think.”

“Just complicated, hah!”


“Let’s pray.”





“I’m not talking about sex.”