“Wow.” Abigail sneered. “I don’t even know how women can be so…so loose.”

Sybil snickered. “Judgmental.”

“This is not being judgmental anything. As a woman, you should be focused on only one man.” Abigail hissed. “Then, you now can’t even be discreet about it.”

“What if her man is depriving her?”

“Of what? Sex? Women like this make all women look bad. In my language, we call them, barawo. Thief. Greedy thief!”

“Wow. Wow, Abigail.” Sybil laughed. “Take it easy.”

“I’m just so disgusted with this kind of woman who has no self-control.” Abigail threw her hands in the air. “Anyone care to read her thing, please do.”

Sybil smiled. “Toya, will you read?”

Toya closed her eyes for a long time. “I can’t.”

“Are you okay?” The other two ladies chorused.

“Back when I was a nurse and engaged to be married. There…I had a crush on another doctor, and my fiancé got to know,” Toya said softly.

Sybil frowned. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“She has to,” Abigail said. “I’m sorry about my harsh judgment on…on…”

“You are right. Every woman should know how to control their emotions.” Toya sighed. “I feel so ashamed.”

“Tell us what happened,” Sybil said slowly. “You know it helps to let it out.”

Toya sniffed. “I never told anyone. Not even Frank.”

The hospital we worked in was a psychiatric hospital, but it had a great infectious disease unit, so much so that many brought their cases even if those people had no psychiatric issues, and so it was always very busy. Dr. Teju Coker was one of the best infectious disease doctors around at the time and was always so busy.

We were madly in love. Or supposed to be. I worked with the drug addiction unit in the psychiatric wing, so we rarely saw each other at work, but once we’re off work, we are always together. Everyone thought we were a perfect couple. I thought so too, until somehow, and heaven knows I don’t know how it started, but this other doctor in my unit just started getting so close. Teju was the total package, and he loved me so much, and I loved him too, but though we were planning our wedding, I wasn’t always so happy around him. I fought those feelings, read books on them but the fire was just out.

On the other hand, I couldn’t wait to get to work. This other doctor even looked through catalogues with me. He liked what I liked while Teju and I argued about tastes especially for the things we wanted for our wedding.

One day, I was alone in the nurses’ room and this other doctor walked in. It was awkward. I walked into his arms and told him I was confused. It was just four days to my wedding. He told me he knew, and he had been thinking about me so much, he didn’t even know how he could watch me walk down the aisle with another man.

Two days later, Teju was walking through the ward in his unit, and a mad man stuck an injection in his neck. He died almost immediately. When I went to his house to help pack his things out, his parents wanted me to be there, I found a letter he wrote to me a week before he died, saying he knew I was in love with someone else but he had no intention of letting me go.

Toya sobbed. Abigail swatted tears away. Sybil slouched.

“Everyone thought I was grieving him. Yes, I was.” Toya hiccupped. “But more I hated myself and the fact that I let myself go like that. Teju and I were together for four years.”

Sybil exhaled. “What happened with the other doctor?”

“He disappeared into thin air. I never saw him again. He wasn’t at the burial.” Toya sniffed. “He just might never have existed, but I can never forget that day in the nurses’ room. I sold my soul.”

“Listen.” Abigail straightened. “That I think has happened to all of us, and again, I want to apologize for my insensitive words earlier. You were emotional with a man you…”

“We kissed in the nurses’ room that day.” Toya smirked. “I cheated on Teju. No nice way to put it.”

“I think we should read what the lady wrote on the blog.” Sybil shared her screen so the others could see the tale. “I’ll read.”

“No, Sybil. Maybe another day. But I think we can help Toya heal from this just as we can help any other person heal,” Abigail said.

Sybil nodded. “You’re right.”

“The first thing is to find someone to confide in.” Toya heaved a heavy sigh. “An accountability partner. There’s no way to get out of it on your own. Or should I say, it is tough.”

“Remember the things that first drew you to your man in the first place.”

“Pray. For yourself, for your relationship. Ask God to come and help you and deliver you.”

“You also know your guy. You may want to tell him, but with wisdom. And probably in the presence of someone else.”

“Someone he respects.”

The door opened in Toya’s room and Frank Odion walked in. Toya covered her face with her hands and wept.

He pulled Toya into his arms. “I’m sorry but I heard you sobbing so hard, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop.”

“Let us pray,” Sybil whispered.




“We don’t advise men.”


“Thank goodness you called. I thought you wouldn’t. Where can we meet? Please. With all of you.”

Abigail set her phone to speaker so the other ladies would hear the conversation. “Hello dear. We can’t meet with you. We usually don’t…”

“Please. Please I beg you in God’s name.” She sobbed. “I can’t talk in the house.”

“Can you leave the house? Does anyone know about this?”

“My sister suspects. But she’s a hothead. She will kill my husband.”

Sybil rolled her eyes. Toya gasped. Abigail shrugged.

“Or you can go to a public place.”

“Where do you want us to meet?”

“We all don’t live in Lagos…”

“I don’t live in Lagos too. I’m in Remo but I can travel to Lagos.”

“We thought of a video call with you. If you can find a quiet place. Maybe a church?”

“Oh, great idea. I will go to my church. Thank you.”

“Send me a text message when you get there.”

“Yes ma. Thank you, ma.” She hung up.

“What do you make up of that?” Sybil said.

Toya cracked her neck. “Something is off. I worked in psychiatric hospital, and she sounds like one of my old patients.”

Abigail smirked “Are you being saucy or what?”

“No kidding. She doesn’t sound…sound.”

“Problem can make a person go mad.” Sybil sighed. “I’d be crazy if Jimmy tries this.”

Toya hissed. “Because you won’t leave him for anything?”

“She’s calling.” Abigail raised her phone. “Hello?”

“I’m in church.”

“Give me a moment, please.”

Abigail cut the call, and then did a conference with Toya and Sybil.

The woman screeched. “Hey! BSS Crew. I can’t believe I’m seeing all of you! Chei. Thank God for technology.”

“Thank God, madam.” Abigail cut in. “So, about your daughter. You said your husband is having sex with her. And she’s ten?”

“Hmm, that’s what we are dealing with now o! Chei. But it is so good to see you. Chei, madam Toya, you’re very beautiful o! Aha! When I saw you in the TV show you no even…”

“How do you know your husband is sleeping with your baby?” Toya interrupted. “That is a very terrible thing.”

“Yes ma,” the woman said softly. “My daughter told me. And I hear of all these cases in TV, I never knew it can happen to me.”

“What did your daughter tell you?” Abigail said.

“That daddy was putting his long thing inside her bombom.” The woman sobbed. “I slapped her and told her to shut up.”

The ladies kept quiet.

“See how fine you people are. You don’t have problem. See me here with an animal. He will not even touch me, is my baby he touch.”

“This is very serious and we are going to help you,” Toya said. “First, you need to get your baby out of the house.”

“She’s with my sister. I just use style tell the father the aunty wants her to come over and play.” She sniffed. “For one week now. The man is angry with me.”

“We have friends in Ijebu Ode. One of them will come and see you. She will call you first,” Toya said. “She will talk more with you and tell you about programs to help you and your baby.”

 Abigail nodded. “And she will also ensure your husband is taken into custody.”

“Custody? Which? Where? Ah, please, can we not do this quietly that the whole world will know?”

“Yes, of course. Our friend is a therapist, not a journalist…”

“Ah, I thought I will meet with you and talk what to do so my husband will not look the small girl again. Ah, not to involve police.”

Toya spoke slowly. “We understand your fear, but this is also an offense and your husband needs help too.”

“Ah, Madam Sybil is not even saying anything. Or you want to send your husband men to kill my husband. Ah. Please, no.” She jumped or her video wobbled. “Please, no” She hung up.

Sybil arched an eyebrow. “She removed herself from the call.”

Abigail glared at her phone. “She’s calling me.”

Toya wagged her finger. “Don’t pick it. Obviously, she’s sick or something.”

“We need to contact the program coordinator in Ijebu. They need to reach her as fast as possible.”

“The family is in danger. They need to ask important questions. Is the ten-year-old the only girl? Is she the oldest?”

“I’m sending the number to Ijebu now.”

“What’s our verdict?”

“Child sexual abuse is a crime, and a sin. The child needs to be removed away from the man permanently. And any other kids around him.”

“And if that is not possible?”

“Report immediately. We can’t fear stigma more than the damage to that child.”

“True. True.”

“And mothers need to believe their daughters every time…”

“And sons. Boys too.”

“Predators are all over the place. We can’t allow these kids to be at such risk.”

“Notice signs. There are signs.”


“There are so many. Huh, child is afraid, or always angry, withdrawn, tearful.”

“Wants to play sexual games. I got to know about that when I worked as a nurse.”

“Younger children will have words for sex and private parts.”

“My God. It’s so hard to face.”

“We need to be strong. And be strong for the children.”

“Yes, someone is calling her right away.”

“Mothers need to be bold and strong for their babies. And there is no room for guilt. That man is not a good person. It’s not because you didn’t sleep with him.

“He is sick.”

“He is sick and needs help too.”

“Or punishment.”

“Or punishment.”

“And punishment.”

“Please, let us pray.”







“Hian, meet who where?” Sybil sighed. “We make it clear we are virtual only and we will respond, yet…”

“Hold on, Sybil!” Toya snapped. “Oh no. It’s child abuse. Her husband is touching the baby.”

Sybil gasped. “What?”

Dear BSS Crew. I can’t talk and I can’t write, please can we meet. My husband is having sex with my ten-year-old daughter and I don’t know what to do. Please call this number and I will meet you anywhere.

Abigail exhaled noisily. “Dear God! Does this really happen?”

“At least, this woman is accepting this is happening.” Sybil sighed. “Look at all the women in the news who pretend as if they don’t know, just to keep their marriage.”

Toya dug her hands in her hair and screeched. “Ah! I can’t take it. Someone call her, please.”

Abigail sighed. “Calm down. She’s going crazy about it, you can’t help if you are too.”

“My niece is ten! Ah, I just can’t.” Toya screamed. “Can’t.”

“There’s no way we all can meet her. We live in different cities,” Abigail said.

“Countries,” Sybil said.

Abigail scrolled down her screen. “She doesn’t say where she is. Just the number. It’s an MTN number.”

“That means I can definitely not meet her.” Sybil sighed.

“I don’t think any of us can.” Abigail clasped her hands. “A video conference call? WhatsApp can do up to four for us all.”

“That’s a great idea.” Toya wiped tears off her eyes.

Abigail looked at the ladies through her screen. “But first, any verdict for this case?”

“She needs to report him and leave him. He’s an animal and should go to jail!” Toya cried.

“We can definitely get to that.” Sybil started to pace. “Ah, my Jimmy will cut his dick off!”

“It’s an appropriate punishment.”

“The child needs therapy.”

“We can pay for it if she can’t afford one.”

“Hmm, what else? She has to leave him.”

“What if she refuses to? I mean, it could be a weakness.”

“Weakness, my foot!”

“He needs help too. His own daughter.”

“That’s incest right there, punishable by death in Nigeria.”

“Is it? Really?”

“I don’t know. And I don’t care.”

“Well, let’s call her. Voice first. We disconnect here?”

“Yeah. Hang up.”







“Thank goodness you called. I thought you wouldn’t. Where can we meet? Please. With all of you.”


Sybil shook her head. “It’s a no for me.”

“I can imagine how that rubs off you,” Abigail said. “But let’s see what the definition of empathy is. What’s her story.”

Toya raised her hand. “I’ll read.”

Hello BSS Crew. My name is BS. I am in a terrible situation at the moment. I am in love with a man who has no empathy for me or my family. I come from a middle-class home, and a polygamous one. My mother is the second of the two wives and I know people sometimes look down on her, and us, by default. Why my mother married a married man is a subject I have refused to divulge in. It is her life, and I refuse to be judged by her standards.

After I became a Christian, I started praying seriously about the man I will marry. I wanted a God-fearing, kind and loving person. When I met this my boyfriend at a party, and we got talking, we hit it off immediately. He’s just the perfect person for me. To add to the answer to my prayers, he is quite rich. He has built his own house, drives two cars and has a good job as a medical doctor in an oil company.

Also, he proposed to me immediately to show me he is not joking. Everything was going well until I started telling him about my family. Oh, I forgot to mention that the only initial problem is that he is not very generous with his wealth. Immediately I noticed this about him, I decided not to ask for anything. I have a good job too, as I work in a bank, and I’m also currently doing my professional accounting exams, so I don’t really need his money.

I found it worrisome that he didn’t offer me his second car to use…


Abigali laughed. “Sybil, stop!”

Toya snapped. “Ladies!” Then chuckled.

He has refused to give me the key to his house, though his brother lives with him, and when my brother was having problem at home and I asked if he could come over and stay, he refused. He has refused everything I have asked. How am I going to marry a stingy man who has no empathy or concern for me and my needs?

Toya leaned back in her seat.

“That all?” Abigail stared at her screen and scrolled.


Sybil snickered. “I don’t understand. What is the empathy about?”

“The story is incomplete,” Abigail said. “She started saying something about trouble started when she told him about her family and didn’t finish that.”

“She did. She said she asked if her brother could stay in his house and he refused.” Toya pointed at her screen. “Do you see the last part.”

“Maybe the house doesn’t have enough space,” Abigail said.

Toya shrugged. “Considering that it’s his personal house, it should be at least three rooms. And for her to ask, she must think there is space.”

“I personally don’t like stingy men.” Sybil rubbed her forehead. “They come across as without empathy, truly.”

“A man may have empathy and still be stingy.” Toya laughed. “All you’ll just be hearing is, pele. No action.”

“Ah, that kind of pele is disgusting.”

“But she said she’s comfortable, why can’t her brother stay with her.”

“Maybe she doesn’t have space.”

“Maybe she’s testing him.”

“Ah, the importance of testing.”

“Oya, what’s the verdict.”

“I don’t even know what to say.”

“This doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.”

“Well, it’s a big deal to her.”

“If it is such a big deal to her, she should let him know and if he doesn’t change, move on.”

“Move on! Move on to where?”

“A doctor working in an oil company. No moving on, o.”

“She will soon be a chartered accountant.”

“If she passes her exams.”

“Why did she mention the part about her mum being a second wife.”

“Insecurity, maybe.”

“Hmm, that’s what she needs to deal with. He must think she’s insecure.”

“I think she is.”

“Okay, verdict?”

“Isn’t that what we’ve been saying?”

“Deal with her insecurity. Yes?”

“Move on.”

“No. Confront him with her issues. She shouldn’t move on. He’s not that bad.”

“Unless she can’t deal with this.”

“Oh, well, of course. If she can’t accept his stinginess, then she needs to move on.”

“Never settle for less hoping he will change.”

“Very important.”

“I can live with a stingy man.”

“What! No, you can’t.”

“Yes, I can.”

“You can’t! Why then did you marry a rich, handsome, generous man?”



“Let us pray.





“Hian, meet who where?”

Such a Proposal – Available Now

Available now only on Okadabooks

Chapter ONE


Father sat at one end of the table. Mr. Naidal sat at the other end. Mom and I on one side, my sisters, Bianca and Kerri, thirteen and eighteen respectively, sat side by side, facing us. Dinner had been quiet as usual. The unusual part was having Mr. Naidal at our house. I’d heard about him a few times, seen him once at an exclusive Trade Fair Father took me to, but never bothered about such a person. He was rich, probably in his thirties, and Indian. He was a mining mogul too, and Father had done some business with him.

Though we’d cleared the leftover off the table, Father had asked we all return. For a family meeting.

After the initial awkward moment of settling back in our seats, my father cleared his throat. “Mr. Naidal, sir.”

Naidal clicked his tongue. “Thank you, Mr. Baatjie. I know your family must wonder why I’m here and you too, sir.” He arched an eyebrow. “A meeting with the family.”

I noticed for the first time, his voice, and accent. The first being deep and the second polished. If you didn’t see his face, you could imagine he was a foreigner. Brit or Australian. I didn’t know much about peoples of the world beyond what I did in Geography and some TV shows I liked. But I liked the sound of this voice. Sleek, and…

Father smirked. “I assume you wanted to know me better.”

Father and his assumptions. I thought they affected my sisters and me alone.

Naidal scoffed. “Perhaps we may get to that.” He leaned forward. “You owe me a lot of money, Baatjie. And you have defaulted twice in paying back.”

Four pairs of almond-shaped female eyes turned to Father. For Mom to look shocked spoke volumes. My parents were as tight as thieves.

Father stood. “Let us discuss in our libra—”

“Sit down, Baatjie. I have a simple proposal to make. I am willing to cancel your debt.”



“I can’t handle another battered woman. Please, I’m going to bed.” Abigail sighed. “I’m tired.”

“Would you want one on something else?” Toya squinted. “The next is about choice, really.”

“We said we’d do at least three each time we meet,” Sybil said softly. “The brute I was in a relationship with beat me up at the back of our house while my mum prepared food for him in the kitchen.”

“Can you read it, Sybil?” Toya said.

“I have to.”

Hello BSS Crew. My name is SI. My husband and I grew up in the same neighbourhood and our families were friends. On more than one occasion, his father had stumbled into physical altercations between my parents. As shameful as this sounds, many people knew my father physically abused my mother, and my husband was no different.

When we started to date, one promise he made to me was that he would never treat me the way my father treated my mother. This made me love him more. Especially after my older sister got married to a brutal young man. Her case was even worse than my mother’s. So pathetic she’s back at home because the last time her husband beat her up, he almost killed her.

The first time my husband raised his hand at me, it looked to me like a mistake. We had an argument and he slapped me. It was just one slap, and in my mind, I told myself there was probably one slap in every girl’s life, as they say. He never apologized and everything just died down.

However, the next time we argued, he yelled at me to shut up or he would shut me up. The rest is history. He shut me up that day. And he has done it again since then.

I was ashamed to tell my mother and sister my husband now beat me. They looked to me as the one who married right. To protect myself, I decided to stay away from whatever aggravated my husband. That way, I hoped the beating would reduce or stop.

Recently however, he did not even need to be aggravated. Any small thing, he would slap me or shove me. He never beat me to stupor and would sometimes insult me that my father did worse to my mother.

On a visit to my parents last Christmas, a small argument started. I wanted to walk away as my parents were seated right there in their parlour, with my sister. My husband pulled me back as I started to walk away and shoved me. I shouted at him to leave me alone. Instead, he slapped me twice, and pushed me to the floor. Next thing he walked out of the house and drove back home.

My parents blamed me for raising my voice at him and told me to take a taxi home with our two children. And beg my husband for forgiveness. More shocking is that even my sister too agreed with this verdict.

I went back home and begged my husband as my family advised, but I think this is all so wrong. I don’t want to end up like my mother and sister who have no self-esteem or self-value.

I have a great job and I am ready to leave this abusive relationship before it degenerates, but I am afraid to take the step without my family’s support.

“She has our support.” Toya cried. “That’s the first verdict.”

“One of the biggest issues women face is lack of family support.” Sybil moaned. “You’d ask me what that mother is still doing in that her husband’s house. Her family would have blamed her.”

“What kind of nonsense is that, sef.” Abigail hissed. “Why would my mother watch a man slap me and push me down?”

“My mother will bring out a knife for you. Are you mad?” Toya clapped. “Anyway, it’s late. What’s the verdict?”

“We have helpline numbers. She has our support.” Sybil stared at her screen for a second. “She’s in Lagos. It’s easy to get help for her.”

“She should leave him then? With the children?” Abigail said.

“No, she should get counselling.” Sybil shook her head. “I think he’s a copycat and only because he knows her family’s history.”

Toya gasped. “But he could get worse and do worse.”

“Yeah. That’s why she needs to call in.”

“There are excellent experts on this kind of people.”

“She’s right to not want to be like her mother and sister.”

“That is an important attitude to have. Refuse to accept.”

“Look inward and be strong.”

“Take charge. Step out.”

“It can be tough if the family is not supportive but there are many supportive women out there. Like us.”

“Reach out for help if the family is not giving one.”

“That’s it for me, ladies. Good job.”

“Good night. Love you.”

“Love you.”

“Let us pray.”

“Love you.”





“It’s a no for me.”




Abigail scoffed. “This makes no sense to me. Trash it.”

Toya gasped. “Wait. Wait a minute…she’s sixteen!”

“The heading is confusing.” Abigail stared closer at her screen. “She’s been married for sixteen years not that she’s sixteen.”

“My bad,” Toya said and laughed. “I just saw sixteen.”

“But was she saying she was denied sex sixteen years ago or now?” Abigail scanned the page. “Her words are unclear and make the story difficult.”

Toya sighed. “Do you want to read it?”

Abigail shrugged. “Sure.”

Dear BSS Crew. I am so blessed to be able to write to you. This my story is quite weird, and I don’t know what to make of it. I got married at sixteen, sixteen years ago.

Abigail arched an eyebrow. “Oh, there it is. Anyway…”

Let us just call my husband Mr. P. He was almost double my age at the time, but my father thought he would be a best husband and would be able to take care of me. Mr. P wasn’t very rich, but he did provide for me. Since then, we have six children. I know it may seem as if I am raising issues that are old, but I just want to find out the signs of a man who is cheating.

On our wedding night, Mr. P went out to drink with his friends. I was a virgin, innocent and afraid, and I must confess, grateful he didn’t come to me that night. He came back dead drunk and slept off. In fact, he did not consummate our marriage for almost a month, and even then, it was sharp-sharp.

Sybil burst into laughter. “Asewo!”

“No judging!” Toya said but she was laughing too.

Abigail chuckled. “Will you let me continue?”

Toya waved her on.

As a young girl who knew nothing more, all I was used to was Mr. P’s come-and-go style. I never knew what it meant to have orgasm or to be satisfied sexually. My husband was not romantic in any way. He provided for me and the children and that was it. He deals in spare parts, so he has a lot of male contacts and little or no females. As he became richer, we moved into our own house and he insisted I have my own room. Our six children are growing and doing well, the last being six years old.

I think it is strange that at my age, my husband comes to my room only once a month? Sometimes two months before he will show up.

“He’s gay,” Abigail interrupted herself.

Toya arched her neck. “Does she say so?”

At first, I didn’t know who to talk to until one of my friends said she saw him going into a night club, but not with a woman but two men. I have checked his room hoping to see any signs, but I see nothing. Sometimes he comes home drunk but will quietly go into his room and sleep. I haven’t seen any signs of women around him. Only men. It is confusing because I expect a man like him should be more sexually active. I myself am a very beautiful woman.

Sybil giggled.

Recently, one of my husband’s big customers has been coming to the house when my hubby is not around. He is a mechanic and he tells me I am very pretty. He buys things for the children too. I am a housewife and when the children all go to school, I am alone, and this mechanic guy comes around. He makes me feel beautiful like my husband has never done. We have not done anything, but it seems as if it will happen if he doesn’t stop coming around.

I am just confused because he told me my husband is not interested in me or any other woman and won’t even mind if he sleeps with me. Of course, I told him off but I have been thinking. After I read Abigail’s story, can my husband be gay? Or he is not normal? Or is it because this mechanic wants to sleep with me?

Abigail drew in a deep breath. “Thoughts?”

Sybil moaned. “You should know better, Abigail? Are these the same signs?”

“Well, they’ve been married for sixteen years and she doesn’t have a clue what normal is.” Toya shrugged. “This mechanic wants to sleep with her so we can’t accept what he asserts.”

Abigail scratched her neck. “Honestly, Moses showed no signs of being gay. We had a normal sex life.”

“What would you call a normal sex life?” Toya made air quotes.


Toya cut in. “Because you had the experience. No clue he was gay so what was normal?”

“Yeah, I get you,” Abigail said. “Once a week?”

Toya snickered. “How many times is normal for you, Sybil?”

Sybil chuckled. “I married a soldier. He’s hardly home. But when he is, it’s dessert after dinner.”

Abigail screeched. “What about you, Latoya Odion?”

“Listen, it’s not the same experience for every…”

“Answer jo! You swore to be open when you agreed to form BSS.” Sybil did a little dance. “Catch am.”

Toya laughed. “It’s a daily dose when he’s in town.”

Abigail grinned. “Studs! You ladies married studs.”

“Don’t hide behind Moses, Abigail. You are married now. So…stats!” Sybil said.

Abigail yawned. “I maintained my once a week.”

The three laughed.

“What’s our verdict?” Toya said.

“Despite the fact that the mechanic wants to sleep with Mrs. P, I think she should take his accusation of Mr. P seriously. He was not double her age so we can safely assume he’s forty-eight or younger. At his age, men like sex. Who he is having it with is now the question.” Toya shrugged. “My verdict, she needs to have a serious conversation with him.”

“If they are not used to serious conversations, she can’t have one now,” Abigail said. “Moses never sat with me to talk about anything and I can’t imagine even prompting one.”

“I have no clue what to advise this woman,” Sybil said. “I feel her pain, though. With a horny mechanic to deal with, it can’t be easy.” She sniffed.

“It’s not funny, Sybil!”

But they all laughed again.

“Let’s throw this to our audience.”

“An easy way out.”

“He’s gay.”

“I think so too but can’t be proved yet.”

“She should set him up.”

“Maybe she should ask mechanic to get evidence for her.”

“Wow! That’s brilliant.”

“But dangerous! Mechanic wants her.”

“She must cut off from mechanic!”

“Now, I really need a stiff juice.”

“Let us pray.”

But what do our readers think? Please comment below.





“I can’t handle another battered woman. Please, I’m going to bed.”



“Hey, Sybil. I think this is for you,” Toya said.

Sybil stared at the screen for more than a second. “This is going to be tough.”

Abigail adjusted her headset. “Do you want me to read it?”

“Be my guest, sister!” Sybil stood and walked to lean against the wall in the small cozy space Jimmy had converted to an office for her in their three-and-a-half bed apartment. Still, she ensured she was within her webcam range.

Abigail cleared her throat.

Good evening, BSS Crew. My name is JAC. I live with my husband in the small town of Okija, and we have been married for eight years. Recently, he bought me a phone, but he would never allow me to use it. I am a schoolteacher, and this is the first smartphone I will own. He refused to allow me to load data or use Whatsapp. Last week, my sister in Lagos video-called and we spoke at length. My husband, as he normally does, checked my phone when he came back from work. He’s a civil servant with the Federal Government. He saw the call from my sister. And there the beating started.

What pained me most is that while he was beating me, his phone rang. He held me in the crook of his left arm and picked the call with his right. When he was done chatting with his friend, he continued to hold me like this and punch me on the head until I went limp. That was when he let go and I fell on to the floor.

I feel hum…

“Okay, hold on, he what?” Toya cursed. “I’m sorry, ladies. I’m sorry.”

“Jimmy will cut his hand off,” Sybil muttered. “This is barbaric.”

Abigail exhaled. “Will you ladies allow me to finish reading?”

“Go on, sorry.” Toya waved. “Please, finish.”

“Where was I?”

I feel humiliated and ashamed. I know I shouldn’t complain because he did this before we got married but what pains me is this particular one. Holding me like that…

“Oh my God,” Abigail whispered. “While our daughters watched.”

The three ladies remained silent for several minutes.

“I think she just came on our blog to rant,” Sybil said. “She married him like that!”

Abigail clapped. “No judgment!”

“Really.” Sybil yawned. “What do we tell her? She hasn’t made any request.”

“Well, we reply with helpline numbers. Huh, let me check for Okija…isn’t that in Anambra state?” Toya grabbed her mouse and opened her browser.

“Yes, Anambra,” Abigail said.

Sybil rubbed her forehead. This wasn’t easy for her. “So, he holds her in the crook of his arm, while she dangles off him. She doesn’t fight back or anything, scream, kick.”

“It seems she’s used to being beaten but this was particularly humiliating because he held her and took a call.” Abigail sighed. “That’s an animal right there.”

Toya groaned. “And their daughters watched. She didn’t say how many?”

“Oh, three. She did. I didn’t see it,” Abigail said.

“I think she’s okay with the beating but this time she feels different.” Sybil rolled her eyes. “Maybe after seeing our adverts or seeing the girls, probably crying.”

“I don’t know. It gives me a headache, honestly.” Toya sighed noisily. “Okay. Let’s post a reply. What’s the verdict?”

Sybil clasped her hands. “She needs to get away from him before he finally damages her or the girls. She should call the Anambra number and they’ll tell her nearest shelter.”

“She has a job.”

“She won’t want to leave him.”

“She’s taken it for eight years.”

“Please, Sybil, post our verdict.”

“She has a choice.”

“We can’t force her.”

“I need a drink.”

“Let us pray.”




Abigail scoffed. “This makes no sense to me. Trash it.”

Toya gasped. “Wait. Wait a minute…she’s sixteen!”





Hi. My name is Sybil Bowale, and I was a physically battered woman.


Hi. My name is Abigail Gudira, and my husband cheated on me with a gay love triangle.


Hi. My name is Latoya “Toya” Odion, and I lost my fiancée weeks to our wedding.


We form the BSS crew and believe me, we’ve been there. We know what you need and what you go through. We know how people pity you and patronize you, and that is why we are here for you. We see you as one individual and not a stat, and we will help you!


“Hey, Sybil. I think this is for you,” Toya said.