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mountain-lion-1143576_1280Seeing the train brought tears to Ada’s eyes. She swallowed several times. And at some point, Iyke squeezed her hand. She wasn’t the only one being so emotional on this fateful day. Clarence had tears run down his face throughout the ceremony. Especially when the vows were taken. Several times the priest stopped him so he could get his breath back.

Her twins marched by in their tuxedos and Iyke’s two boys. Her daughter was the flower girl, so pretty in her burgundy dress. At just eleven years old, she looked eighteen.

Only Ada’s kids made up the train.

The bride Sofi, smiled as much as her new husband cried. They were a beautiful couple and Ada was truly pleased for her brother.

He stopped by the pew where she sat with her husband, and held both their hands. The hymn, “There shall be showers of blessings” had been sung to the end but the choir raised the first stanza again.

“I owe everything to you, Ada. Thank you,” Clarence mumbled.

Ada smiled and nodded. Tears pooled in her eyes once more. Her brother never called her “Ada.” It was his pleasure to call her Ursula, or more annoying Urs. It was her given name, but she always preferred the “home” name, Ada.

She understood where he came from. Despite all the hatred they’d traded in the last two decades, this marriage between Sofi and Clarence wiped all the bitter years away, and she had been instrumental to it. Clarence told her Sofi agreed to marry him, mainly because she gave him confidence to do so.

“I’m happy for them,” Iyke whispered.

Ada sighed. “They may never have kids.”

Iyke chuckled. “But we have enough for both families.”

Ada giggled. “Don’t let Sofi hear that. She told me Clarence has agreed to go through some complicated medical procedures.”

Iyke winked. “Good for him.”

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Then one day, a lady called Joy walked into the plush grounds of Decoy Holdings and nothing remained the same for anyone.

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President Trump Inaugurated – God bless America


I can only say a prayer. A prophecy. A proclamation.

God bless America under President Trump.

Congratulations to all of America on this great day. You have done it again. The system in place has worked again. It is such a joy to witness process in place.

So like I always like to do, I thank God for what He is doing in America, and what He will still do.

I pray this dispensation will favour all Americans.

I pray the Trump government will favour me, my family, and my country.

God bless Donald Trump. God bless America.

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PROMISE TOMORROW (Eiba Family Saga Book 2)

promise-cover-for-blogCHAPTER 34


Joe felt stupid for the first time during the course of the night. He called the townhouse owned by Buki in Banana Island, and asked if his boss cum partner cum friend had returned. He hadn’t. The night had worn on long enough but the food, the drinks, and the music continued to flow. The Eibas danced several times with friends and family, seeming to be ready to stay all night with their guests.

As guests left, guests came, even at one o’clock in the early hours of the day. Lagosians were such party-freaks, Joe thought. He would have enjoyed it as well, if not that Joyce King had spoilt his appetite for anything but her company. He’d seen the smirk on Kade’s face as he led her away, and his stomach had sunk. He really needed to see her again.

He took another glass of champagne and warned his lust that it was the last. The last thing he wanted was to get drunk on Buki. His friend hardly ever took alcohol, and definitely not socially…though Buki had taken a glass of champagne tonight. Perhaps for the nerve.

Joe went back to table 10. Most of the occupants were either dancing, or had gone. A sly-looking man walked over and sat with him. He wore a shiny red jacket over black leather trousers and a black bodysuit. Gauging his age, he would be in his twenties. He was rather good-looking and had a disarming smile. A long gold chain hung around his neck reached close to his navel, drawing attention to just how tight the bodysuit was. A pendant, the head of some animal dangled at the end of the chain.

He shot out his hand to Joe’s face. “Hey, hi.”

“I’m not a fag,” Joe said dryly, ignoring the hand.

The stranger laughed and rubbed his rejected hand against the other. He took the seat next to Joe, uninvited. Joe had to give it to him, he had the sweetest smile on earth. Widened lips and a nice set of even teeth lingered as an aftermath of his laughter.

“I saw you earlier with Buki George, and thought we may need to be acquainted.”

“Really.” He did look like a fag, despite the smile. His hair was newly retouched with the sporting waves…Joe hated the name, sporting waves like though it was meant for sports men and women or something.

“…rather do know that the proposal would catch…”

“You forgot your name.”

“MacJones Junior. Buki and my sister are good friends and …”

“Titi MacJones.”

“Yes, the same.” He smiled again, this time with a tinge of pride and self-achievement. “They come a long way.” No wonder, Joe mused.

“She’s in on the sports panorama. In fact, she came up…”

Joe turned away from him, and fiddled with his handset. Where was Buki George? He wasn’t picking his calls. He began to dial the number for the umpteenth time. Joe wanted to go home. The party had ended for him the moment Joyce King left.

“Hello! Can I have your attention?”

MacJones Junior was still talking. “We can make a million bucks…”

Joe looked up. Kade Eiba was on the microphone the compere had used earlier.

“We have an announcement to make…Two announcements.”

“All Buki George needs to do right now to give me a call…”

“Shut up, will you.” Joe snapped at MacJones Junior who was oblivious to all around him, and pressing a small calculator furiously.

He jolted at Joe’s reprimand, and frowned. “No offence meant.”

Joe flew to his feet when Kade stretched out his hand and Joyce King walked graciously to him and stood in his arms.

Kade smirked. “Miss World and I are going to be married.”

There was a resounding applause. It took several minutes before it died down.

“And that’s not all. My sister, Modele, is going to have her Christmas-day wedding!” Another round of applause went up. “Thank you very much.”

Joe hissed. What a cold, flat, arrogant…

Buki took the microphone from his brother-in-law-to-be. “Thank you very much!”

Joe’s head shot up. “Son of a gun!”

He looked at the couple beside Kade, and with a continuous clapping, made his way forward as people came round and saluted them.

The compere took his mic back. “Dance, drinks, and food all continue please!”

The other Eibas were all over the two, hugging, crying, laughing… Kade gripped Joyce’s hand, and after murmuring a soft excuse, walked away just as Joe reached the circle. He stared longingly after the duo.

Buki nudged him and he laughed. He shoved his friend and got introduced to Modele.

“How I have longed to meet you, Princess,” Joe said lavishly and stretched his hand to Modele, who smiled weakly and took the handshake.

“Now if you’ll excuse us.” Buki stepped close to Modele and wrapped his arms round her. “I haven’t had even a dance with my woman.”

“Hmm, ur I’m…” MacJones Junior put out his hand to Buki from an awkward angle and had it brushed aside as the couple moved to the dance floor, to the jazz rendition of Lara George’s “Ijoba Orun.”

“Please do.” Joe gave a mock bow, and stepped aside for them to pass. “Don’t lose me again, you! I’m on table 10,” he called after them. He looked at MacJones Junior with disgust. “Go get a life, you!”

Joe trudged back to the table and sat gloomily, watching as guests continued to party.


Buki held Modele back in the small coffee room. They couldn’t leave yet, despite that they didn’t want to continue staying. She rested her head on his chest, and held him at the waist, he placed his chin on the crown of her head, and idly massaged her shoulder.

“I’ve never seen my mother so happy,” she murmured.

“She’s a blessed woman.”

“Kade should marry before second quarter of next year. They seem so happy together too.”

“My friend has a crush on Joyce.”

She raised her head. He replaced it on his chest. “I pity him.” They both laughed and sighed, and then laughed simultaneously.

Buki squeezed his eyes shut. “It will be a devil of a week.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Final plans for the wedding.”

She shifted to look at him. “I thought you were joking, darling. It will still hold?”

“Yes.” He treated the tip of her nose to a nuzzling. “I never cancelled anything.”




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mountain-lion-1143576_1280In all of one month, Clarence had not taken weed. But now he felt he could die if he didn’t have it. The evening had gone worse than he ever imagined.

He stood in the shadows and watched, his fingers clammy. Ada spoke with Sofi for a brief moment and he couldn’t bring himself to watch them. He badly needed a marijuana fix.

He didn’t want to witness his own end. If he could judge by Sofi’s reaction to Ada’s comment on his inability to have kids, the relationship he nourished and cherished was over. Sofi was only twenty-eight years old, fourteen years younger than him, and she had spoken fondly about raising a family.

If Ada had anything to do with it, the beautiful Argentine would be on her way back home now. He opened his room and slammed the door behind him. Only five days earlier, he discarded his stock of alcohol, and drugs. Sofi had such an effect on him. He loved her with his life. If she left him, what would he do?

He found a vase on the mantel and flung it at the floor to ceiling mirror. The crashing noise drowned the click of the door opening, but he had a seventh sense and he turned toward his entrance.

Sofi stood staring at the smashed glass.

“I’m not leaving you, Clarence. We have a problem and we must find solution for it.”

If it was a dream, then may he never awaken from it. He dropped to his knees and wept at her feet.

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