mountain-lion-1143576_1280Clarence startled awake drenched in sweat. His hands shook uncontrollably. No, not tonight. Not when she was asleep in the guest wing just across from his room. He screamed all the same. The motions took a similar sequence. He grabbed his privates and cradled the shrunken flesh through his pajama, weeping. A knife from nowhere sliced through and there was nothing he could do about it.

He saw the cotton material of his nightwear soak through with his blood. “No, please,” he sobbed. “I am sorry. I am sorry.”

The aftermath of his nightmares seemed worse than the dream itself. He was four again, and a fall had landed him in the emergency room. An operation was done and in the end, his sexual potency compromised.

His mom wanted to sue the hospital. His dad wanted to take him out of the country to seek medical rectification. Neither did anything as they spent all the time arguing over him. He grew up bitter. And the nightmares never stopped.

But what he did when he awoke destroyed him more, and made him the monster he’d become.

He ran through his rooms, and out to the quadrangle that separated his quarters from the rest of the massive edifice. He raised his voice and howled. When he didn’t drink himself to stupor, he had the nightmares and anyone he came across at that time of the night faced a green-eyed monster looking for a kill.

All his staff knew that. Many of his guests got the brief too before they turned in for the night.

Sofi didn’t know.

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PROMISE TOMORROW (Eiba Family Saga Book 2)

promise-cover-for-blogCHAPTER 19


Buki wore his green shirt over blue jeans and a pair of brown moccasins. He had pleaded with Modele to allow him dress as casual and comfortable as he could for the dinner. Even though he had had his new wardrobe for weeks, he still felt more comfortable in his own old clothes.

Modele, on the other hand, was not pleased. She knew he was nervous, knew he would be, but wanted him to dress-to-kill. Her father was a dresser, they had a big fashion house in the family business, and her mother was an artist and a fashion designer as well.

Yet, Buki preferred to feel at home in his own clothes. Modele was pressed to indulge him. Dressed in a small green dress with a round neck and small sleeves, one of her new acquiring, Modele looked sweet. She brushed her short hair back and wore 18-carat platinum-loop earrings with matching neck chain, and bracelet. She wore high-heeled silver shoes and carried a dressy bag to match. Purposely, she left her face bare of makeup except for a lip gloss. She looked young and beautiful, and when she stepped into her private parlour to join Buki, he gasped his appreciation.

“Close your mouth.” She placed a finger on his drooping lips and walked past. Her Elizabeth Arden Red Door wafted through his nostrils and he breathed deeply.

“You’ll kill me one day,” he groaned and followed her, close enough to get to the car door before her.

The Eiba estate glowed in the late sun set. Buki admired the family, especially for their success. They were shown into the family room by a uniformed butler, and given the message her parents would join them shortly.

“Kade!” Modele screamed and ran to her big brother, elated. He caught her in his arms and pressed a kiss to her forehead before hugging her. Buki stood respectfully aside and watched the two.

“You didn’t tell me you’d be here! Daddy and Mom did not either.” Modele shouted. The fondness between the two was astounding.

He tickled her. “I wanted to surprise you.”

“Oh Kade, I’m so glad you’re here.”

Kade stared above her head at Buki with cold eyes. The two men surveyed each other.

They had met before Buki came to work for the family and he knew what Kade was thinking. He shifted to ease the weight on his bad leg and continue to return Kade’s stare. They were age mates, Kade, a year older though was about half an inch shorter. However, Kade was more handsome, less muscular, more refined.

He looked intimidating in a white collarless shirt and dark Italian suit trousers. The look on his face spoke volumes.

His gaze still on Buki’s face, he said, “I may not be able to stay through the dinner.”

Modele stepped back and looked at him. “Oh no! You have to, please.” She turned to look at Buki when she realised her brother was looking at him, and turned back to Kade. “I don’t know what the old folks will be up to tonight but you always understand me!”

Kade dragged his eyes away from Buki and smiled at his sister. “Modele, I just came in this evening and Joyce will expect a call, dinner or something.”

She pouted her lips like a little child. “Is Joyce more important than me?”

His eyes hardened. “Is Buki more important than Joyce?”

“I didn’t even allow you two to socialize…” She drew back and held her hand out to Buki. He politely took it, and held it lightly.

“Good evening, Kade.”

Kade’s voice was as cold as his look. “Good evening,” he said. “Modele, would you go and find your parents. I’d like to chat with Buki alone.”

“Really?” She looked from the one to the other again, and shrugged. “Don’t be hard on my sweetheart!” She playfully wagged her finger at Kade and laughed but none of the men joined in.

“Don’t be long,” Buki said softly.

She excused them and left. She stood briefly at the back of door to eavesdrop on the two.

“Nice you’re here, tonight,” Buki said. “I’m sure it makes Modele feel better…”

Modele sighed and found her way upstairs to find her mother. Ronke was in her dressing room, putting final additions on her makeup.

Her face brightened when she saw Modele. “Oh, you two are already here.”

“Yes, Mom. Good evening.” She gave her mother a peck on her check. “Buki was ready by six. I had to slow him down.” She giggled. “You look sweet, Mom. I wish I’ll look this young and beautiful when I’m your age.” Modele stood behind her mother, and both looked into the mirror. Ronke wore a purple lace dress with pink accessories. Her face lit up at her daughter’s compliment.

“You’ll be more beautiful, my dear. Age becomes us in our family. Look at your father, he gets younger and younger every day,” she said fondly.

“Ah ha! You can say that when you are madly in love with him.” Modele teased.

Ronke’s expression became sombre. “Are you madly in love with Buki?”

“I think so, Mom,” whispered Modele. “I’m crazy about him.” She looked away from the scrutinizing gaze of her mother, and sat, nervously, beside her. “I know it’s so soon after Jude and I’m still hurting from Jude’s rejection but Buki seems so different, so patient with me.”

“What makes you say that?”

“He fusses over me. I offend him a lot, most times on purpose but he is so calm. He hardly loses his temper with me and he’s so quick to apologize.”

“My dear, all that can be acting.”

“I know Mom, but Jude never acted even once. In my relationship with Jude, he dictated. He called all shots. In this one, I am in charge. I decide where we go, what we wear, everything. He allows me to be myself and to come out of my shell.” Modele tried to be objective. “If he is acting, then he’s a damn good actor.”

“And that could be very dangerous because movies end. Parts end. And when it ends, the real person comes out.”

“Jude was not an actor, he left me. I still wanted him, even until he took that other girl to the altar. I was still hoping he would walk out on her that day. I want to try an actor, Mom.” Modele shrugged. “Maybe there would be a difference. In addition, it is just because he seems too good to be true. He may just be God’s recompense for my eight wasted years!”

Ronke sighed. “You may be right. Love does make one look younger and prettier, and happy. You look happy. Are you?” Ronke looked at her daughter with deep concern.

“I am, Mom…”

“What are you two chit-chatting about?” Kola Eiba’s voice boomed from the entrance of the dressing room. “Don’t you know you’re late for dinner?”

“Daddy.” Modele stood and hugged him. He looked formal in a dark dinner suit and tie. Modele thought of Buki’s jeans and moccasins and cringed inwardly.

He stared deeply into her eyes. “How are you, my dear?”

She’d not seen him since she told them about the relationship, and then got upset and ran off. She knew it was saving the evil day but she was glad they’d let her be… until the day before when her mother came to invite them over.

Modele returned her father’s look and nodded.

“Well madam, are we going to wait forever?” Kola looked at his wife, who stood abruptly.

“Let’s get to dinner,” she crooned. Her husband looked her over with admiration and smiled.

“You always give me reason not to be too upset. You look beautiful, my dear.”

“Let’s get to d-i-n-n-e-r-r-r-r!”

Modele led the way and gave some space so she reached the family room ahead of them. She stopped short at the door. Kade was talking in a strained voice.

“I warn you, Buki George. If you hurt my sister, I’ll kill you…”

Modele opened the door and saw the two just as she had left them. They stood far apart. Kade’s fists were clenching and unclenching. Buki’s expression spit fire.


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How I lost Nonhle

how-i-lost-nonhle-cover-picI am still in the business of making movies. I want to see my stories in pictures.

Yeah though this is a little different. This is a collabo with my multi-talented daughter, Ifeoluwa. So we had this contract to give a script and my little daughter, Ooreofe, a Maths Champion, and budding writer too (please forgive me, I can’t help but brag a little) heard us discussing different stories Ife had written, and chose for us this nice romantic comedy titled HOW I LOST ANN.

The contract is to do a Zulu movie, so I set to work and adapted HOW I LOST ANN for a film titled HOW I LOST NONHLE.

It indeed was so refreshing to see Ife’s story come to life.

Oh yes, like every writer, we disagreed with the director here and there but the final outcome is so satisfying.

The movie comes soon to Mzanzi Magic channel on DSTV, Mnet Africa, but we can watch the trailer on the Facebook page, right here.

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PROMISE TOMORROW (Eiba Family Saga Book 2)

promise-cover-for-blogCHAPTER 18


Buki was napped under his gardener’s shed. The sun was high up, and there was a general lull in the environment. Ema had helped him to finish transplanting from the nursery to the orchard, and the new sets of fruits were yet to arrive. He had spoken with the horticulturist who promised to bring them that morning, but failed. As usual, he had lunch with Modele before the latter went back to work on her novel in her library. While in his work clothes, in his shed, he dozed off and gave way to sleep.

At first, he thought it was a dream but when he opened one drowsy eye, he realized it was not. A woman stood in front of him. In a bid not to react and make a fool of himself, he closed his eyes, rubbed them, and sat up easily. When he opened his eyes again, he looked up at the woman. It was Ronke Eiba, Modele’s Mother!

It took all the inherent self-control in him not to do something dumb. What did she want? The woman looked young and beautiful in a lace-adire boubou. Her hair, uncovered, was neatly wrapped round and piled high on top of her head. Her face was lightly made up. She stood, glaring down at him. He pulled himself up, buttoned his coverall, and took in a deep breath. He towered well above her.

He bowed with respect. “Good afternoon, ma’am.’’

“A hot afternoon. How are you?” she said pleasantly, to Buki’s surprise.

“Fine, thank you, ma’am.”

“I am on my way out. I thought I should say hello.” She looked up into his face and smiled. “Modele said I’d find you here.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you.”

She started to walk slowly away. Buki followed her. “We want you to come to dinner with the family tomorrow night. I just told Modele about it but felt it’s only proper to ask you as well.”

“I’m sure tomorrow night is alright.”

She spared him a brief glance. “That’s what Modele said. So I can go back and prepare to host you.”

“Thank you for the invitation.”

“My pleasure.”

They walked quietly till they got to her Mercedes Jeep. There was no driver in sight. Buki guessed right at once the woman had brought herself.

“You love Modele, don’t you?” She turned on him abruptly after opening her door.

“Very much,” he said, his voice low.

“She’s a very special girl. She is the most precious of all we have. We cannot afford to have her hurt…again.” She took a calming breath. “You may not want to come to dinner tomorrow if you have plans on breaking her heart.”

“I have no plans to break her heart!”

“You’d better not.” Her voice was so cold, he shuddered. She got into the Jeep and fixed a cool, steady gaze on him. “We protect what is ours.”

Buki stared out into the beautiful landscape he had created to Modele’s taste. “You have nothing to fear.”

She followed his gaze. “What happened in your last relationship?” She leaned back in her seat, and turned to stare at him.

He brought widened eyes sharply back to her. “Ma’am?”

She met his gaze, undaunted. “I want to know why you are not in a relationship…well, before you got into this one.”

Buki decided to indulge her. After all, if he were in her shoes, wouldn’t he be interested?

“The last one was Roxanne. She died!” he said stiffly.

“Oh my God! Oh no!” The plain horror on Ronke’s face alarmed Buki. “Ha! What…I hope this is not a family thing.”

The expression landed like a dirty slap on Buki’s face. He went rigid. “A family thing?”

“Yeah. A plague or a a generational thing, you know. A curse.”

“I don’t suppose it is.”

Her eyes widened in open disgust. “You didn’t investigate?” She stared at him oddly. “Was she sick or what?”

“We had a car accident.”

Buki began to imagine where the conversation would end. If this woman did not like him, then, he had a more difficult battle altogether. There was no guarantee anyone else in the family would, and that could mean Modele may eventually call it all off. He couldn’t bear the thought.

“A car accident? You were driving. Are you such a reckless driver? My God!” Ronke went hysterical. Her voice became strained and low, and her hands shook slightly. “Does Modele know about it?”

“Madam, please calm down. The accident was all a mechanic’s fault. And yes, I was driving. I sustained injuries…You have nothing to fear about Modele and me. I love her and I will take good care of her.”

“Well, we have to wait and see.” She sighed heavily, calming a little. “Tomorrow night then. If you’re sure.”

She closed the door, turned on her ignition and drove off slowly.

Buki stared after her. “Incredible!” he breathed.

He walked back to his shed and caught sight of Modele standing at the kitchen window. She’d probably been watching since her mother walked up to him. She blew him a kiss and he testily blew one back. He wondered if she knew what her mother had done to him.


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