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Twinster – Part 2

Story continues from Twinster – Part 1

Victor listened to the first two minutes of Suzie’s rant about who they just saw and then switched her off through the rest of the drive. He dropped her off at his new four-bed-four-bath house on the edge of town to finish setting up and returned to his newly set up office. All in a day’s job. He could have gotten someone more suave from Phoenix, but Ms. Suzie came in an attractive package. Besides the fact that she charged less than half of the worst from the big city, and would custom-design and do your shopping, she was the embodiment of the compendium of Ego’s Trip.

But what the–hell was going on?

How cruel would the hand of fate twist him till ten years was back, right here in the middle of nowhere-Arizona! Destiny Murray lived here? How could that even be remotely possible? He thought he saw her ghost in every shadow in New York. He was happy to get a contract big enough to lure him away from the demons of his city, long enough too. Had he chosen to go to Hawaii or Mexico, would he have found her there or was he being paranoid?

And that boy…Manny Murray, smartest kid in three states, his son. Suzie had told him everything about the mother and son.

He closed the door to his office and leaned against it. If he hadn’t signed the contract papers the minute he stepped off the plane ten hours ago, he’d be writing Ms. Suzie a fat “I’m-sorry-but-you’re-fired” check and be on the plane to New York now. He’d not care to get bad reviews for his professional incompetence either.

He didn’t think he could live in New York with Des. Was it here in this narrow strip, he would?

Victor slid to the polished wooden floor and glared at his manicured fingers.

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Photo: The Aneke Twins Source:, 2017



Daz faces the consequences of a mistake she made ten years ago when she agreed to swap places with her mirror-image twin for one night.

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Photo: The Aneke Twins Source:, 2017

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My name is Sinmisola Ogunyinka, and I need you!

I’m an author of more than forty books spanning from one end of romance to another end of inspirational non-fiction. I can write. In fact, I wonder where the gift is from. From God, I know, but many times I look at what I’ve written, and I am inspired by it. Besides the forty-something books I’ve written, I write for free for an online magazine and have done this for numerous magazines in the last 15 years!!!

In 2017, I was recognized by the Nigerian Writers’ Award organization when I won the award of the Faith-based writer of the year 2017.

Here’s the problem, though: I have a full-time day job, and a “suffering” writing career. Don’t get me wrong, my day job has helped me a lot, but I am a mother of four teenagers, three in high school. I work 40+ hours every week, and I am still my husband’s wife, cooking (I dodge cleaning, though.) Recently, I got admission for an online masters’ degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. I am super excited about my course, and each day I labor over my coursework, I realize this is what I was created for. To write.

In 2015, I started my blog on WordPress, zealous about writing three stories a week for my followers and I did for about a year but with no income, I gradually got more frustrated and by the end of 2017, not only was I struggling with a post a week, I badly needed to add to our family income…It drove me to get a part-time seasonal job. From there, I got my current job, which is far better than what I had before, but still gives me little or no time to write.

Believe me when I say writing is my life…and I need you to help me be fulfilled in my life’s call.

My main challenge is that I need more time to write. I have tons of awesome stuff, and I suffer to push them away just so I can be sane, and concentrate on my day job. And I have a confession to make…I sometimes write at work, which makes me miserable because that is not how I want to focus on my writing career, and neither is it the way I want to give my best at the job.

If only I could earn from my writing…

Help me stop the suffering…please.                                              BECOME MY PATRON HERE

I know it is time I devoted myself to my life’s career. Writing.

I calculated that if I could earn $3000 a month, I’d be able to cover my part of the bills and pay student loans. And I could also organize my free training and contests which had to be stopped due to my need to work for a pay.

Writing income is inherently unstable. It arrives in dribbles and dollops, at unpredictable times.  Will I make the same money this year as last year? No way to know in advance. Will I make enough to afford health insurance? Most likely not. Will the next check show up in time for me to pay monthly rent? Probably not. Will I be able to give myself a pension? Not the way it looks right now.

This is why I have a) kept the day job, and b) even tried to get a job as a writer (which has become a farce.)


Specifically, I want people to invest in my writing so that I can be more productive. Here are the things I’d like to accomplish in the foreseeable future:

  1. Write full time.
  2. Earn from my writing and save enough to resume my writing contests.
  3. Resume my free training program.
  4. Be able to cover my personal bills and student loans.


The big goal ahead of me is to quit my day job. I want to quit my day job. An extra 40 hours/week will make a big difference for my writing productivity. I can do this, safely, if I can earn a minimum of $2000/month.

Currently, my car note, contributions to the monthly feeding, rent, and phone bills take about $1800/month, add paying my tithe (because my faith is the basis of my existence) and other faith-based obligations, and I cannot forget my charities, which are the ways I give back (Money Woman, and Dorcie).

By this time next year, I will add my student loan to it, and I’m not sure of the figure yet. Also, if I quit my day job, I’d have to pay for my health insurance and I will love to give myself a pension. The figures climb from there.

My patrons will enjoy me, believe me, all I need is time, and I will give you the best. In the last fifteen years, I did for little or nothing, and the great part is that the month I don’t add value, you can also withdraw your patronage (which by God’s grace will not happen.)

3000 of $1/month or 600 of $5/month or 300 of $10/month. How about 150 of $20/month or 60 of $50/month…


All patrons get my flash fiction and my news and updates. With $5/month, you will get short stories in addition to random free gifts of my memes. Also, you will get sneak peeks of upcoming books. Patrons with $10/month get all of these plus exclusive offers, and backstories. With $20 a month, there will be free memes, access to my reviews, pictures of my life and other fun stuff. And with $50/month, you can make requests on my plans, books and get free series.

Want to contribute more than $50/month? Awesome. I’m adding some stuff that will be exclusive for people who contribute at higher levels – audio books, thank you calls, signed copies, that sort of thing.

I am counting on you…thank you!