A dry new year…the bend before change

January 1, 1998 was a Thursday. Beautiful day in Calabar. It was a public holiday. The previous week had been eventful for me but I was back to base. Gone to work the day before and had to the day after. Fiancé Folarin was away for the holidays. Long story short, I was “alone” in Calabar. There was nothing, practically, to do. I remember loneliness consumed me like a fever. I went to Urua Watt (Watt Market) roamed around for a bit, bought a packet of Buttermint sweet and returned to my one-room accommodation.

Things were about to change for me and Calabar…when Donald Duke became the state governor in 1999.

I know because I lived in Calabar at the time of @DonaldDuke as Governor of Cross River State 1999-2007.

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Calabar as I met it

In the year 1999, Nigeria finally got their electioneering the closest to “right.” The military returned to their barracks, and we had a democratic government. I was apprehensive. It was so bad I didn’t really care. Then Strabag, the construction company, rolled their equipment into the streets of Calabar, making roads which even cyclists refuse to ply become thorough way. Electricity project kicked off – before then only Calabar had access to NEPA. Borehole Water businesses started to pack up as water projects started.

And I started to pay attention…I did!!!

I know because I lived in Calabar at the time of @DonaldDuke as Governor of Cross River State 1999-2007.

#DonaldDukeforNigerianPresident2019 #Everyonematters #AleaderIadmire #Achiever #Wheremyvotewillgo #GetyourPVC



I want to dedicate my Saturdays to talking about what I like, what I see, and why…the big why everyone likes to ask.

I had no opinions about @DonaldDuke until he became the Governor of Cross River State. On his first day at work, everything about the state changed. Several government agencies and offices not working resumed on His Excellency’s orders.

I know because I lived in Calabar at the time of @DonaldDuke as Governor of Cross River State 1999-2007.

#DonaldDukeforNigerianPresident2019 #Everyonematters #AleaderIadmire #Achiever #Wheremyvotewillgo #GetyourPVC 


Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

I spend the next half hour courting Luke, seducing him, begging him, and asking myself why.

Toyin is a great girl but I believe she has made some dumb choices. Marrying Bode is obviously not a smart thing to do. I’m not asking her to do what I do, but she could have chosen one of the many dashing young men she met regularly as a husband. She may have made wrong choices but she and her husband don’t deserve to be thrown out in the middle of the night.

It looked like Luke would let it be, at least for the moment. He suggests we go and sleep at the inn. I have no problem with it as long as it gives Toyin more time.

“Let me get dressed.” I head toward my room but there’s a knock. I cringe inward. Huh, Bode! What a wrong time to choose to arrive! “Wonder who it is.”

Luke shakes his head like he’s really disgusted. “Get your door and let’s get out of here.” He stands.

Another impatient but soft knock comes through and I roll my eyes. Bode knows how to respect himself, and this one night I really need him to, he doesn’t. I pull the door open and Ivy stands behind me, her eyes spitting fire.


Right behind her is Femi. My mouth drops open, which gives them both the opportunity to walk in. I march to block them from walking in further.

“Leave. I have a visitor.”

“Deny it, Nosa. My fiancé is the owner of your pregnancy.”

Out of pure reflex, my head snaps to the side and I see Luke arch his eyebrows.

I point to the door. “Get out of my house, Ivy. Now, before I do something we will both regret.”

“Deny it, Nosa! You never wanted anything good for me. Anytime I start making progress, you must sabotage it. Why?” She screams. “After all I did for you.”

Toyin runs out of the room. “Aha, Ivy! Nosa, what is going on.”

Luke takes his seat and folds his hands. This surely can’t be happening. Why will Ivy come here today of all days?

“I don’t want my marriage to be built on deceit, that’s why I told her,” Femi said with such a low voice. “I’m sorry, Nosa.”

Ivy starts to scream again. Never in my life have I felt so betrayed, or tongue-tied. Words swirl around me. Toyin comes to my defense and at a point begins to push Ivy out of the house. My eyes clash with Femi’s and the pity in them drive me to tears. I clasp my hand over my mouth.

“It’s enough, Ivy. Stop it!” Toyin pants. “Femi stop her. What is the meaning of this, now?”

“Just leave my man alone. You had him when he was free. He is no longer available. Husband snatcher.” Ivy added a good string of dirty words before Toyin succeeds in pushing her out of the door. Femi follows the two ladies and closes the door behind him.

I am bold. I can make a man want me. But when I turn to look at Luke and open my mouth to speak he raises his hand and gives me a stop sign with his hand.

“I do perfectly understand everything.” He walks to the door.

“Luke, wait. Listen. She’s—they’re insane. I don’t know what they’re talking about—sweetheart—”

He walked through the door and closed it quietly behind him.

I never saw Luke Chase again.

The following day, a real estate agent came to show my apartment to a prospective buyer.


Watch out for the second part of DIARY OF A STRANGE WOMAN. The story only gets better.


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