Way of the Unfaithful Review by Orey

Book Title: Way of the Unfaithful

Author: Sinmisola Ogunyinka

Genre: Women’s Contemporary Fiction

Characters: Kokei, Dodeye, Isalo, Kommomo, Mrs Atai, Ps Bassey, Nneoyi, Obandi, Elder Ikpi, Obal, Obol Otoma Ofem, Obol Lopol.


Dodeye is married to faithful Kokei but her history says the opposite about her. They live happily together until Dodeye accepts a chieftaincy title from home. Kokei’s life is going to change forever. In this drama filled novel we learn that what we sow is really what we are going to reap.

I will highly recommend this novel to anyone because this book carries a heavy and powerful moral with it. The book is also engaging it is a book that you just can’t drop. Left to me it is a six-star book.


Moral: What you sow is what you reap.


By Ooreofeoluwa Ogunyinka.



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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

The room/flat mate thing comes up again. Luke won’t even come inside because he can’t afford to “bump” into her or her friends or her lover! I’m like—huh? I’ve done many things in relationships but humping in the backseat of a car is not one of my favorites. We can’t go to his place, and the suggestion to go to a hotel—

Luke gasps. “Are you plain stupid or just cracking stupid jokes?”

Bottom line, Ivy needs to move back to her place. She just must be more responsible with her associations.

When she wakes in the afternoon, I ask her as she prepares fried plantain and eggs, her first meal of the day.


She glances at me and yawns. “You’re awake?”

“Since. I slept before twelve.”

More discoveries about Luke. He can night-crawl but most nights, I’m back before midnight because he either has a business meeting or wants to go home.

Wants to go home! He’s given the excuse twice and it bothers me. I am home. One more reason why Ivy has to move out.

She giggles. “You’re changing now. Before twelve, huh! This Luke is turning my babe into a wife.”

I scratch my neck. “Yeah. And it’s because of him I think you need to move back to your place.”

I know she won’t like it but it’s hurting my love-life. The smile on her face freezes for a minute.

“How? I mean, why?”

“Luke won’t come inside talk less spend the night because you’re here. Even when you’re out of the house!”


“Ivy, try and understand.”

“No problem. I’ll leave this evening. I mean, my room is empty.”

I roll my eyes. “You should leave that accommodation. You can get a place like this, and bring in one of your sisters to stay with you, and—”

She puts up her hand, palm facing me. “Please, I know what to do with myself.”

“Ivy, try and understand for goodness’ sake.”

She flashes a smile. “Of course, I do.”

But I know she doesn’t. She’s made a couple of snide remarks about Luke and how my “life is wrapped around a mirage.” I can’t blame her. I will be jealous too, and she’s coped with it for over a month now.

“It’s a matter of time, Luke will start meeting my friends and you’re number one.”

She snickers. Finishes preparing her food and sits on the small stool in the kitchen to eat. It’s the truth no matter the hypocrisy of our lives.

I steal one piece of fried plantain from her plate and she swats at my hand. “I have errands to run.”

She shrugs. “Okay.”

Ivy sulks but always comes around with time. Things have been a bit rough for her in the last few months what with the drugging and raping. She’s dealing with a lot and I try to be there for her but I have to live my life. And neither of us has ever dated any man like Luke. It could have been her who nabbed him.

I offered to pick out curtain samples for Luke’s office redecoration. It’s one of the things I enjoy. I always say it that if I’d choose a career, it would be art-related and interior decors always had me fascinated. And I’m good too.

I’m tempted to ask her if she’ll still be around when I return but what does it matter. I will call her if I get back and she’s gone.

“See you later.”

She mumbles a response and I leave her to think about her life. She has two sisters who hang on her for sustenance. She can afford a place like mine and have them live with her. But Ivy doesn’t make a lot of smart choices and I suspect her parents back home in Ondo state don’t know exactly what she does for a living in Lagos.

Her cup of tea.

It’s a long day for me, and indeed when Luke’s driver drops me off at about nine, Ivy’s packed and gone. Silly girl couldn’t even sweep her room or wash the dishes she used.

It’s not date-night but I feel relief now. My man can come in whenever he wants. I smile as I place a call to him to give the good news.

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Hello everyone.

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It’s one of my most unusual, believe me! And it’s been a long time coming…

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The truth, the lie, and the dare

The truth, he is a butcher.

The lie, she is a student.

Can they dare a relationship?

What happens when a butcher, a brutal killer, meets a career woman on top of her game? What if she is not who she has made him believe she is?

Chico has always been a butcher, the son of a butcher and the grandson of a butcher, and the violent nature of his job had finally taken its toll. He is remote, angry, and searching for something. Something he finds in Christine, a lady who’s got seemingly everything existing only in Chico’s dream world.

Christine Bello presents as the perfect career woman from a rich and influential family but her relationship choices all seem to be wrong. Even Chico Ode turns out to be from a different class her family would not accept.

Torn between her job, family, church, and the truth, Christine dares to fall in love but she’s not the only one with a lie, and shadows in her life. As the reality of their choices unfold Chico is forced to answer many questions of his own, or forfeit the opportunity to have his dreams come true.


  1. I thought of titling it, THE BUTCHER, until last week!
  2. Four different designers worked on the cover!
  3. I wrote the first draft in 2007!


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

If at some point I thought Luke Chase was a player, not only playing his wife but playing me as well, then I can’t be more wrong.

Luke is not a player. Sounds ironic but, for real, he isn’t. I don’t see him like that, anyway. When he’s with me, he forgets everyone and everything. No one else matters.

I begin to notice this gentlemanly attitude after our first date. He didn’t even pick his calls. Several times during dinner, he will look at his blinking screen, and murmur, “I’ll call her later.”

At some point, I break my own code and talk about “the other woman” in his life. The phone rings to the end three times in a row, and he keeps murmuring the same thing.

So, I blurt, “Is it your wife?”

“No.” He smirks. “You don’t want to talk about my wife, I’m sure.”

Huh huh, I sure don’t.” We both laugh over that and continue to enjoy the evening.

My code is to keep it as uncomplicated as possible. But for once, this particular date is what I want forever. In Ivy’s words, my fangs are out, and I’m sinking my teeth in this one.

After dinner, we go to the club where we met. His friends are there, and I’m surprised I didn’t notice he had good company then. It was my first time visiting the club and I thought it was his too. I was wrong.

Luke’s friends, at least six of them, come and go and he introduces me each time. They are all rich, none wearing their rings but I can swear on my father’s angry grave they are all married. Some have female companions, so don’t.

Ivy had told me this club was the place to be if you want a good catch and she’s been right so far. Paying for the membership hurt my finances but it paid off.

“Where do you want to go when we leave here?” Luke whispers into my ears.

“Where do you want to go?”

He bites the tip of my ear close to his mouth. “I want to make money. What about a casino?”

I laugh. “Okay. I’ll be your good luck charm.”

We enjoy a few drinks and after a couple of hours, we go to a casino he seems to know well. The staff and some clients greet him.

“If we win big, then I’ll know I should stake big on you. But if we lose, then I’ll accept you’re not the woman for me.”


I’m shaking from head to toe as the games begin, praying every manner of prayer of confession. Calling figures in my head, and mumbling like a psycho. If he ties his luck to this relationship, we had better win.

I grip Luke as the casino guy spin the wheel, and it stops right in front of our stakes.

Luke groans. “Just half a million.”

I scream. “It’s still a win!”

He laughs. “Sure. But it’s not big. So I’ll have to put only small hope in this relationship.”

“No, please. It’s big for me, you know.”

“Let’s play one more.”

“No, please. I can’t take any more of the pressure.”

He winks. “Okay, I won’t stake us to it.”

I shake my head. “Even though.”

Oh, so we just watch?”

I nod. I can’t believe I almost wet myself with fear. I can’t wait to leave this place. I never liked casinos.

Finally, he agrees we leave. He collects the win, and until we drive out of there before I can breathe again.

The night is still young for me, just about two in the morning but Luke is a little tipsy, and I agree we shouldn’t go anywhere else though I had my eyes on another club.

“Take the casino money, do some shopping for yourself,” he says when he stops in front of my house.

I try to sound like it’s not a big deal. “Oh, thanks.” I pick the pouch of one-thousand-naira notes. “Come in, my flat mate is out.”

“I don’t do flat mates.”

Beginning of knowing Luke Chase. He prefers to make out in his car than in a house with a room/flat mate!


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

It’s been a week since I wrote anything in this journal. A crazy week too. Haven’t heard from Luke since his mother’s party, and I am so broke now. Ivy thinks I should forget about him and move on.

“He’s a big catch, alright but who cares for an unstable big catch.”

“What if I go out and he sees me. He’ll think I’m not serious.”

“Well, you’ll starve. Don’t you know men like him?”

That was yesterday. She went to the club and came back with a stash of cash. I feel guilty having to share. What was the message last Sunday again…Keeping our eyes on the prize. Ivy doesn’t understand it. If a whole weekend goes by and I don’t start earning, I’ll be forced to go to the lesser bars. Which I don’t want to go.

Ivy sleeps all through the day. She plans to do all night today, and wants to try out a new club. Friends have been telling us about it for a couple weeks. I stopped doing all night on Saturdays so I can be in church early. Being a member of a special protocol team means I have to be early on Sundays.

Ivy comes out of the bathroom, tying a towel. “What are you writing?”

I shrug. “Some thoughts.”

I close the notebook. I don’t like someone snooping. But Ivy does all the time.

“Are you coming tonight or not?” She folds her arms. “You’ll miss a lot.”

“I’m just confused. I’m thinking I should give him another week.”

“And starve.”

She opens the wardrobe, gets dressed, and leaves. If he doesn’t return any of my calls or messages by Monday, I have to go out. Yes, Ivy can feed me for some time, but it is an unwritten code: you don’t eat off a friend when you can fend for yourself.

This feeling is painful. Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Luke. So close yet so far.

I pick up my phone and begin to speak to it. Ring, by the mercies of God, ring. Let it be a text or a message. Let it be Luke. Let him have something for me. Let it happen right now, dear Lord.

Ivy comes to my church once in a while. She doesn’t think I qualify to serve God the way I do. But then, who does? Who is without sin here? A bunch of hypocrites!

It takes a moment before I realize my phone is ringing. I jack it up. Luke.


“Are you dressed, babe?”

“No—Yes, I mean. I can be.”

He laughs. I’m picking you up in thirty minutes.”

“Okay. I’ll be ready!”


He hangs up and I glare at my phone for a second before I spring into action. “Yes! Yes, thank you Father!!!”

I rush to take a shower. In twenty minutes, I am ready. I fold my hands in my lap and wait.

Yes! I have a testimony in church tomorrow!


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

I have to move Ivy to my house. I don’t want to lose my friend, and she’s in a horrible state, mind and body. She won’t go to the hospital, and I wish she’d just go. Instead, she mixes stuff together and drinks.

“It flushes the system,” she says after throwing her guts up.

I hope the relevant system gets cleaned though.

As I write in my new journal, I am overwhelmed and want to cry. Ivy is the sweetest girl this side of forever, and she gets raped by the same people who’ve been around her for months. People she could call friends.

Why am I keeping this diary anyway? All is vanity. Someone will pick it and make my deepest thoughts public. And this makes me want to cry too. This is supposed to be a time of excitement for me. I’m attending Luke’s mother’s birthday tomorrow.

But I can’t stop crying right now.




The party starts at 12noon, but I decide to make an appearance two hours later. Dressed in my white and aubergine, I don’t stand out except for the mere fact that I do. With so many beautiful people in the Skyview hall of the Lekki Coliseum (TLC), and admission was strictly by the chip on the invitation card, I feel lost for a moment then I spot Luke in a circle of men about his age. He is clad in a white silk voile kaftan and the “uniform” lilac and aubergine cap.

A waitress leads me to a reserved table. It occurs to me the invites are tagged. This party is like none I have ever attended. I want to take pictures of what people wore, the jewelry on the women, their make-up, oh this is a fashion fair. But I maintain my cool. 

My table has eight other people on it already, and I smile cordially. I don’t know these people. They’re all wearing the colours. Are they family or outsiders like me. I know why I’m here so I don’t feel awkward one bit.

It’s easy to locate the celebrant, because I’ve seen her picture online, and then of course, her table is flooded by guests coming and going.

Luke suddenly turns my way. My eyes have been intermittently on him, hoping to catch his attention. He smiles, and my heart drops into my feet. This is too good to be true. I think I am in love for the first time in my life.

I smile in return, and flutter my eyelids before I give my attention to a waiter placing a plate in front of me.

Before I can take a bite of the “small chops” the waiter dropped, Luke strolls over. My table is just a couple away from the beautiful celebrant’s. Away from his, where he’d stood chatting.

“You look gorgeous.” He winks. “Enjoy the party. I’ll send my driver during the week.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

He walks over to the other side of my table and bends over an over-dressed, over-made up “Iya Eko.”

“Aunty, I didn’t see when you arrived.”

She wags her finger at him, and when she speaks her voice is thick and deep. “Huh, se ikan nnu awon galfriends e niyen? Luke!”

He laughs, and tweaks her nose. “Let your imaginations run!” He is off before she could respond.

Well, she laughs. A few others on the table glance at me openly. I am used to open antagonism. I may not be a Yoruba girl, but I understand the language. I refuse to speak it though I can. These Yoruba people can be the sauciest human beings on earth. The aunt asked him if I’m one of his girlfriends. So what? Mtschew.

I simply take Luke’s advice and enjoy the party to the fullest.


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

After several lines of thought, my hairdresser decides to make big braids. I always look cute in it, and it’s probably the next best change I could make to my looks. Ivy didn’t call back last night so I assume she got drunk, and knocked out. I make a point in my brain to call her when I get back to my place.

I am nervous today. The hair, the party, and Ivy not calling back. I know I am paranoid, and there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve been on and about this business for more than ten years. I know the tricks and I have my trade secrets. 

I call Ivy when I return home but she doesn’t pick her call. It’s afternoon. Even if she had a hangover, she should respond. I don’t like anything out of the ordinary, and Ivy is a friend. One of the few I can call such.

I head to her house. It’s not like I’m doing anything for the rest of the day, anyway.

She lives in a compound with many three-bed and two-bed bungalows, and shares one with two other people. After almost ten minutes knocking on her door, I find one of her neighbors who confirmed she came in early hours and hasn’t gone out since.

We succeed in breaking down her door. It’s 3p.m for goodness’ sake. Ivy’s sprawled across her bed, a heavy stench of vomit and alcohol all over the room. I’m embarrassed for my friend. Her roommate leaves us and I proceed to clean up and care for Ivy.

“I was drugged,” she said after I got her into a cold shower. “Drugged and raped.”

But na who we go ask. It’s a horrible risk we take every time we go out.


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

I’m like a marketer, when I hit a good deal, I close up on it. So, I don’t go out tonight. Instead, I assemble my outfit for Saturday, and do a dress rehearsal. Whatever I need to add must be gotten tomorrow. I won’t even go to club tomorrow so I won’t be too tired.

When I’m done, I hand my dress in my wardrobe, satisfied I will stand out enough to be noticed by Luke, and his friends, but not too much. I don’t know what his wife and her friends are like, and I’m not about to mess up what will turn out to be a great relationship.

Ivy calls close to ten. I’d turned in early so I can be at my hairdresser’s on time. I plan to overhaul. Change my hair, nails, make-up. Everything must be on point.

There’s a lot of noise in the background, like she’s at a party. She shouts at the top of her voice.

“Where are you, girl? It’s happening here.”

I blink. “Hello. Ivy.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m not going out today.” Oh, wow. She’ll be offended. Is should have told her about Luke. “I’m sorry, I met someone.”


“I met someone yesterday.” I shrug though she can’t see me. “I’m going to do my hair tomorrow. I can’t be out late tonight.”

“Must be huge. You can’t tell someone?”

“I’m so sorry. I clean forgot to call you.”

“Must be really huge.”

“Well, I hope it is. I’ve been dry for too long.”

She laughs. “Let me call you back.”

“Okay. Later.”

I hang up, and smile. It’s the reason I hang out with Ivy. She’s so simple and easy. Other girl will make a big deal about not telling them. I stopped having friends a while back. As good as friends are in this my lifestyle, they can spoil a lot of things for someone. But not Ivy. She’s the first girl I’ve seen who continues to talk to girls who snatched her boyfriend.

Ivy is so special and different.

Since I broke up with my last man, she’s bent over sideways to get me someone else. She’s even given me her invite to exclusive parties, and forfeited going. I’ve been good with her too. I never take her for granted. Ivy and I are good together, simple.

I close my eyes now and try to get back to sleep, but I can’t. This happens a lot when I’m anxious. Tomorrow, then Saturday. I’ll see Luke again. Will he still like me? There will be several “big boys” at the party. What if I like someone else? Or they like me?

Not likely though. I like what I see in Luke Chase. He’s tall, strongly built, very handsome, and has a lot of money. I don’t need anything else.

Besides, he’s married. Which just makes him more suitable.


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

With a clean bill of health from my doctor, I’m excited to do something new. Like every woman I know, shopping for a party is a great pastime. I discovered a shop in the Surulere area, and though it’s a bit far from my house, and the doctor’s, I decide to check it out. What better opportunity.

And what a delight.

The shop is new so the prices are not too high. I’m tempted to buy a dress with matching shoes. But without the invite, I don’t know what colours to combine. The shop is great though.

A middle-aged woman I believe is the owner walks over to me.

“Is it a particular occasion?”

“A 70th.”

“Mrs. Chase, right?”

I smile. It feels good to be associated. “Yes. I—”

“I just stocked this collection of classy aubergine and lilac accessories. Come over.” She leads the way to the counter and her sales person brings out jewelry with stones in shades of purple.

“Most people have their outfits but can’t find the right shades.” She giggled. “Aubergine and gold. Trust Mama Chase to come up with something people will question.”

I’ve never heard the colour before but I dare not let this woman know. “I’m glad I walked in. I’ve been seeing your shop for a while.”

“Are you Fiona’s friend?”

Whoever—then I remember the name. Fiona is Luke’s wife.

“We went to school together. And over the years stuck together.”

“Nice. She’s been sending her friends here all week.” The woman doesn’t forget her business. She opens a case and I see diamonds glitter.

My eyes widen. “I have never seen diamonds in this colour.”

“Even me. Luke sent them to me to showcase. It’s a Chase.”

I draw a deep breath. “Hmm. It’s beautiful.” I dare not ask how much. “This will be a collector’s item. Right now, I just need a purse, and shoes.”

I can’t buy anything else at this time. I’m not broke—yet. In a matter of months however, I will be if I don’t do something about my condition, which is jobless.

As expected, there are a wide array of bags and shoes. With Fiona as my school friend, I have put myself at an advantage. Since I may be an old hanger-on, it makes perfect sense to buy nothing beyond my budget but still good enough to fit.

With a purple designer shoe and clutch purse in my hand, and a lean account behind, I’m almost ready for the party just two days away. Yes, the shop owner even showed me a copy of the invite.

I decide to wear the white dress I had in mind. Now to my hair. My salon needs you to call in before you come so I book an appointment for the following day.

I’m not going to any club tonight. With two months of trying out new places, and being introduced to men as though I’m some newcomer, all I just want to do is relax at home, and prepare for the big weekend ahead.

I remember at the beginning when I pay to be invited to parties. It feels good to belong.

My invitation card arrives through a driver early evening. It’s just the same as the one I saw in the boutique.



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