To Where the Wind Blew cover croppedCHAPTER 24 


Pastor Matthias, his wife, Ibitam and Ronke were showed into Kola’s office at the stipulated time. It was going to be a battle of wits and wisdom, and Kola was prepared for them. After exchanging greetings, Pastor Matthias started with a short prayer.

“I want to thank Mr. Eiba for granting us this opportunity to come and see him despite his busy schedule. Let me establish here that we have not come to quarrel, we have come to agree and as we have invited God to take charge of this meeting, I believe all will be well in Jesus’ name,” Pastor said, and others mumbled “amen.”

Kola looked at Ronke then, and his heart went out to her.  She looked gaunt and thin, and he wondered what she might have been through. For the first time in his life, he said a quiet prayer for God to soften her heart toward him.

“As we are all aware, this meeting is all about Ronke and Modele. We know you love your daughter and you want to provide for her but we appeal to you, to drop the lawsuit and let us reason together,” Pastor continued.

“I’m willing to drop the lawsuit,” Kola said briskly.

“Oh, thank you, sir,” Sis Rebecca said but Ronke and lbitam were not yet relaxed. Ronke clasped her hands in her lap and her back was straight. Ibitam’s eyes were bright and her lips pressed together.

“That means you will bring Modele back to her mother?” lbitam said.

He turned to her with such a defying stare lbitam looked away. “No. That means I will not pursue a case in court,” he said stiffly.

Sis Rebecca sat forward. “We appeal to you to bring Modele back to her mother. Ronke has suffered so much.  Losing her daughter will destroy her completely. Look at her these past few weeks have been hell. She’s been sick throughout. Please, we are begging you.”

“Begging me for what?” Kola stood and shoved his hands into his pockets. “Is it wrong for me to care for my daughter? Is it wrong to be responsible? What exactly are you asking of me? Are you saying I should be so rich and allow my child and her mother to eat from hand to mouth?” He fixed his gaze on Pastor Matthias. “Have you been to Ronke’s house?” The pastor shook his head and Kola smirked. “Her living condition is deplorable. What does the bible tell you about such cases as this? I grew up in a ghetto, I will not live and see mine follow the same route.”

Ronke snapped. “My bible teaches me not to be unequally yoked with an unbeliever.”

“Who is an unbeliever?” he charged at her. “Why have you brought these people here to waste their time, and effort?” He turned to Pastor. “I asked Ronke to lead me to become born-again, she refused. Ask her if I’m lying!” he accused.

Pastor and Sis Rebecca gasped, and looked at Ronke, their disbelief obvious. Ibitam sighed.

“He was being spiteful. He only wanted it so I will agree to marry him. I told him to find a Pentecostal church, he refused,” Ronke said heatedly.

“How do you know that? Did you ever ask me again about it? Who is born-again, anyway? Someone who goes to your church? I believe in God, I reverence Him. That’s not enough for you?”

“We only ask that you allow Ronke to see Modele. We haven’t come here to argue or question your beliefs?” Ibitam said quietly.

“She can see Modele in my house if she wants,” he said flippantly.

Pastor sat forward. “If we get better accommodation for Ronke, will you allow Modele to move back with her?”

“I will get a better and decent place that suits my taste for her, if she will live in it, but my daughter stays with me.”

Ronke jumped to her feet. “Is she any less my daughter?”

“Yes!” Kola barked. “Because you can’t take care of her alone.”

“Where were you when she was born? Who took care of her the first five years of her life when you were nowhere to be found?”

“You did. And I am truly grateful to you for that,” his voice tempered, “but I am here now, and I am her father. There are two options before you, Ronke. Marry me, or forget you ever had a daughter!”


  A Romantic Suspense

 Days cover new pwg editionFiction fans with hearty appetites for suspenseful, thought-provoking romance novels will likely find what they are looking for in the book from Nigerian novelist Sinmisola Ogúnyinka. A riveting tale of love, choices, and fate, spun through the peregrination of a dynamic man, the book tells a story many of us will find captivating and personal.

In The Days After that Night, three Ijaw women collide to shape the future of renowned energy engineer, Dinipre “Dini” Brisibe. His wife, who couldn’t give him a child, his mother, who believed she knew best, and the other woman he wished away. Can a man like Dini consider polygamy? A deacon without guile, married to a perfect woman, with a perfect family life? Yet, Dini finds himself in love with a woman he wasn’t married to.

Described as “seriously overwhelming with great life lessons” by a buyer, The Days after that Night is a compelling account of a man’s journey from naivety to stark reality dealing with conflict, deception, betrayal, loyalty, high suspense, and emotional tension.

The Days after that Night * by Sinmisola Ogúnyinka


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Images: Tonbra yelps in delight when she sees her new nokia phone then stops quickly when she remembers her husband just died #TheDaysAfterThatNight

Lust: He was on a suicide mission. To kill his marriage vows. #TheDaysAfterThatNight

Conflict: Tari shook hands with the man who stole his lover’s heart #TheDaysAfterThatNight

Coercion: Mama looked into her eyes. “You owe me, and am call it in. Now.” #TheDaysAfterThatNight

Faith: Pastor Flo gripped the edge of the table. “I’m going to fight for your soul.”

Deceit: He didn’t recognize the voice as hers when she yelled, “You know me. I never pretended. I never loved you.” #TheDaysAfterThatNight


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baboon-47367_1280She spoke for thirty minutes non-stop. I knew because I kept the time. What a talker.  Interesting her ability to pally with words first got me attracted.

I am the quiet type and always believed a word was enough for the wise. If you said too much, you will sin. My mother knew to back-off after announcing the headlines. I could develop the news myself and draw my conclusions.

I looked at my choice of a life partner, and only one question came to my mind. “What was I thinking?”

She’s the type of woman who doesn’t hear anything when she’s making a point.

“I know what I’m saying and that’s why I’m repeating it. I know in your mind, you’re thinking she’s said too much but I need this to ring home. Because I don’t want a situation where things will fall apart and the blame will be on my head.”

She repeats everything to “ring it home.”

“You know me. I’m not that kind of person. And this matter is simple as abc. Anyone who hears this will agree with me. You know me, I won’t mince words, and I know my limits. I don’t cross boundaries. I won’t take advantage of anyone or anything, That’s why I keep repeating myself. Not that I don’t trust you. I do. You know I trust you.”

I mentally roll my eyes. She says she trusts me all the time. But then, she gives the same warning over and over, short of asking me to repeat her instructions to be sure I heard them.

“The last time this happened, I learnt a lot of lessons and I think you did too. It’s not a difficult issue. If we plan ourselves very well, we’ll be on top of our game and everyone will be happy. That’s all I’m saying.

“I’m not blaming you for anything that went wrong last time. It’s gone forever, but on the other hand, I don’t want us to commit the same error again. I know all the parties involved apologized and moved on but I don’t want us to make any more mistakes in this area…”

When she starts like this, I switch to “deaf-mode.” I don’t even hear half of what she says most times. All this because of a birthday party for our one-year old daughter, and my mom and sister have sent a message they’d be in town for the party. I have made my arrangements for their welfare, and this triggers this rambling? My wife was properly briefed of the visitors’ arrival date and time.

So what was this?

“Sleeping arrangement has to be on point. So also food and every other thing. I know when they came for the baby dedication, these issues were not properly handled.”

I pick up the old newspaper I’d been reading before she walked into our bedroom, and started her rants.

“Are you listening?”

“You know I always listen.”

I fold the newspaper and stare ahead, to convince her I’m all ears. She continued for another forty minutes or so. I don’t even know when she realized I was fast asleep.


I call this #baboon – over the board. This lady needs the fruit of the spirit. Over-anxiety may lead to nagging, and the indulgence doesn’t help matters. Don’t you mind the nagging?

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LeahShe couldn’t sleep through the night. Rachel would be married the following evening. She had tried to be happy for her sister but this sister made it tough. She laughed all over the place, making it clear she was the bride, not Leah.

Leah overheard her once whisper to some of the ladies in the family about how plain she was and how Jacob had eyes for beauty. It hurt.

Oh Jehovah! Why did you create me? The women of the house made preparations. Jacob’s mother had arrived, with other members of the large family.

How would she face everyone? She couldn’t. She wouldn’t.

In the morning, music filled the air.

Leah’s feet felt heavy as they hit the ground. Zilpah waited on her. She veiled her face totally, sure no one wanted to see her. She really tried to be happy for Rachel, but it was so hard. So hard to face the bleak future ahead.

No man would want her now. Her father may as well send her away to curb the shame. She would die in the desert somewhere as she roamed. Rachel’s life began today as hers would end.

Laban had more than enough helps to attend tables and make guests comfortable, still Leah hid behind her veil, and stayed amongst the servants. She was no longer any better. Severally, tears stung her eyes. Not only did she want Jacob, the pain of his rejection of her and love for Rachel hit deep down. Could she ever love her sister?

It would not be necessary anyway. Rachel would be gone to her husband’s people, and she would be thrown out of her father’s own to avoid shame.

The celebrations went on and on, music everywhere. It became too much, and Leah escaped to the field. She could see entertainers from afar, and the pinch of the laughter all around hurt deeper than a knife wound.

“Leah! Leah!”

She startled. She had not heard anyone approach.

“Father.” She pressed her hand to her chest. “You have guests.”

He held her hands. “Leah. I cannot flout tradition. And I will not throw you out of our family.”

She bit her lip. “This cannot be your fault, father.”

“I must present you to Jacob tonight.”

She stepped back and tripped. Her father reached out and grabbed her arm. She pushed her veil aside and glared at the man, her father. He was dubious in many ways and drove a hard bargain, but she knew he loved her.

“No, Father. You don’t have to. I understand the consequences, and I am willing to face them.”

“You don’t, Leah. Jacob doesn’t want you. I asked him. From the start. This is why I made him work for seven years. I could have taken a year for you.”

His words, meant to comfort but the truth in them stung. He would take less than a year, she knew.

“I have arranged for Rachel’s clothes to be laid in your tent. Hurry and have a bath. Her oils and scents are all ready. You will go into Jacob’s chamber dressed like your sister.” He seemed in a haste.

Leah blanched. “No, Father. I will never do it.”

“Then you must be gone from my land in the morning.”

She gaped. “Where will I go?”

“I don’t know, Leah. I don’t know why Jehovah gave you such a plain look. All I know is that I have done my part to help you. Tomorrow you will be Jacob’s wife, or be gone from your home.” He walked away.

She wondered what he would gain in all this. Her father never did anything without personal profit.




To Where the Wind Blew cover croppedCHAPTER 23


Kola took a sip from his glass slowly and turned Ronke’s note around with his fore finger. It was the first message the driver gave him as soon as he was picked from the airport. He had read it over and over again before sending a reply. She had never written anything to him before. He liked her handwriting. He liked everything about her. He opened the note again, and smiled at the simple, but angry request.


Welcome back. Hope your trip was successful. Please could you give me a date to come and see you? I want us to talk about my daughter.

Thank you.

Miss Ronke Gade.

P.S. I will come with my lawyer, Miss Ibitam Eyo, and my pastor and his wife, Pastor and Pastor (Mrs.) Matthias Ige.

He could imagine how much self-control she had put into writing those simple words. He had missed her so much, and couldn’t wait to see her again. As it was, he may even grant the desire of her heart, let her take her daughter back and get out of his life! But he knew he couldn’t. He would never be the same again without them in his life. He loved her and he wanted her… and he would have her. She would come with all the people she knew and try and persuade him, but no way.

There was a knock on the door and at his reply, a uniformed butler came in.

“Sir, Mr. Samson Coker is here to see you.”

“Show him into the study. Arrange for drinks,” Kola said and downed his juice.

“Yes sir.”

Samson had been his friend since they were both young and running around their neighbourhood, pilfering. When Kola got to the top, he had gone round and pulled his friend up with him. Rich people hardly had sincere friends, but Samson had never changed.

Kola clasped his hand as he entered the study. “Old boy, hi.”

Samson patted his old buddy. “Fine, how are you? It’s been some time.”

“I’ve been out of town. Heard you won the construction bid for the new western bridge. Congrats.”

“Oh thanks. I think we were just very lucky. Some multi-nationals sent in their bids but, as God will have it, we got it. It’s a big one actually.”

“Calls for celebration,” Kola said. A maid brought in some fine brandy, and fruit juice, and served them. Kola, the juice, and Samson, the Remy Martins.

Kola sipped the cold drink. “How’s Affiong?”

“She’s fine. Travelled to see her mother in the village and could stay up to two weeks. How’s Kade?”

“Gone back to school,” Kola mumbled.

“So when do I get to meet Ronke?” Samson poured another shot of Brandy.

“I don’t know.” Kola sighed. “She keeps eluding me.”

“She must be a beauty queen to be killing you so softly,” Samson teased his friend.

“You can say that again.” Kola smiled. “She has Irene’s figure, the only good thing about Irene.” He chuckled. “But she’s much prettier. She has a very sweet face,” Kola said dreamily.

Samson laughed and playfully punched his friend. “I trust you. I always knew you had a good taste in women.”

“If it’s my choice. Irene was just pure luck.” Kola laughed . “Well, apart from Ronke’s beauty, I’m also irresistibly attracted to her character. Right now, she’s fighting all she can to take Modele back. I really feel for her.”

“And she won’t marry you? What’s that about?”

“Search me. It’s all part of her character, her belief and faith. I’m taking my daughter from her anyway.” He emptied his glass and sighed.

“It will destroy her.” Samson warned.

“I know. She’s not giving me any other choice. I can’t allow my child to grow up in the ghetto like I did. Ronke does not care about my riches. Left to her, I may never even exist. That baffles me. I know how women throw themselves at me. As it is, I have so many photographs of children, that I know are not mine, but the mothers believe I slept with them, probably in their imaginations, and fathered their children.”

“You know what I do with those women?” Samson finished his drink and laughed.

“You told me.” Kola laughed. “Wicked kindness.”

“I push them to Affiong and she pays them off. That is, the ones that wait long enough. The last one brought a set of twin boys, just like my twins. Affiong told me she gave her twenty-five grand, and the woman just fainted right before her. Can you imagine?”

“People are suffering.”

Samson shrugged. “Can you meet Ronke somewhere in the middle? Say, you two can share Modele between you. You could get a better place for her, a better job, you know, just set her up somehow.”

“Will she take it? And really, I don’t want my daughter to live here and there, Sam. What is so wrong with having a proper family? Besides, I want Ronke. She’s everything I want in a woman. Do you know that at the time she kept Modele’s pregnancy, she didn’t know who I was? Her parents threw her out and when they did, all she had on her back was the dress she was wearing. They cut her off completely. For two years, these people did not know where she was. No one in her family knew, until she ran to one of her aunts to help her get the job she’s doing now. Her parents warned family members not to take her. And she’s their only child.”

Samson gasped. “Hmn, mean people.”

“Proud I’ll say. And Ronke kept that child. She had to drop out in her final year in high school. Before they found her, she was just struggling and suffering with that little girl, and then I also found her. And even after they found her, she rejected all help from them, just like she’s trying to do with me.”

“Can you blame her? But I thought you made a financial arrangement for her.”

“I did. My secretary handles that.” Kola waved. “Sam, we’ve known suffering but we’re men. I can’t even bear the thought that Ronke and Modele suffered the way they have. Ronke is everything my mother is not. She’s everything Irene is not. If I could have suffered with those women who have no virtues, how much more this one? No, I’m not going to lose her. I’m going to marry her, even if it’s the last thing I’ll do in life.”

“You are taking this like business.”

“It is. It is a challenge. It’s my life.”



270216 resizedDifferent Types Of Men’s Face Shapes

There are seven distinctive shapes that all men’s faces can be categorized into. Within these shapes is room for the full range of facial features for all races. The good thing about being able to make these generalizations is that they provide guidelines for choosing the best hairstyles and others choices to make one look his best. Here, I will discuss the different types of men’s face shapes and how they relate to hairstyles.

  1. Oval Face
    Oval is considered to be the ideal face shape for anyone to have, male or female. Unfortunately, this is a relatively rare facial shape. When it comes to hairstyle, any style of any length can be worn and will be flattering to the face. This is one shape that is best left completely uncovered by hair, so avoiding heavy bangs is the one rule of thumb for choosing a hairstyle. Barry Watson has this face type.
  2. Square Face
    Square faces are marked by the jaw line and the hairline on the forehead forming a square. Facial features are often sharp, almost chiseled in appearance. On a man, this shape of face often makes him appear to be strong and completely virile. For the most part, choosing a hairstyle for square faces consists of finding ways to soften the edges. This is accomplished by having the hair cut in layers in a manner that makes the face seem longer. Keep the bangs off the forehead and avoid styles that require parting in the center. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example of this face type.
  3. Oblong Face
    An oblong face is similar to an oval except that it is stretched out longer. Most hairstyles will work well with this facial type, but it is a good idea to choose a style that adds volume to the sides of the face. A style that includes bangs that just skim across the brows may be ideal. Any style with a full fringe will help to maintain balance and add volume where it is needed. Medium length cuts will be easier to style in a manner that flatters this face. Russell Crowe has this face type.
  4. Heart Face
    A heart shaped face is wide at both the temples and hairline, holding its size pretty uniformly to the cheekbones before narrowing to a small chin. Hairstyles for this facial shape are mostly longer, intended to add volume below the cheekbones. Most men should avoid short hairstyles that tend to emphasize the upper part of the face. Slicked back styles are also a bad idea. For the most part, one wants to avoid the appearance of being top heavy by putting too much of the hair’s weight on the top. Bradley Cooper has this face.
  5. Triangular Face
    A triangular face is almost the opposite of a heart shaped face. Men with this facial shape have narrow foreheads and a wide jaw line. Hairstyles that are flattering to this facial shape seldom, if ever, extend below the neckline. Styles that add width at forehead and temples and volume on top usually look best. Keith Urban has this face type.
  6. Diamond Face
    Men with a diamond facial shape have prominent, wide cheekbones and narrower foreheads and chins. Hairstyles should be chosen that add width at the forehead and chin while narrowing the cheekbones. Avoid any cut that emphasizes the ears, as this will make the face look wider than it is and may create the illusion that the ears stick out more from the side of the head than they do. Dane Cook is an example here.
  7. Round Face
    Round face is the rarest of all facial shapes. It differs from an oval face in that all the lines and angles are smoothed out. This is not to be confused with a fat face, but it is characterized by chubby cheeks and a soft, round chin. Freddy Rodriguez has this face type.

Hairstyles for black men can be found here.


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240616To where the wind blew, was written in 2004, but later became a family saga as I added two more books to it.

Ronke Gade, was a teenager when she got pregnant and had a child… The character of Ronke is one of a highly introverted young woman, who’s seen more in life than her age.

Ronke, brought up as an only child by parents who made it clear they didn’t want her makes her a very private person. She is independent and strong-willed. She is also kind, and lets herself be vulnerable around the people she trusts, which are very few. Though she battles with bitterness, she tries to be forgiving.

Ronke is controversial, conflicted and complicated.

Stella Damasus 2When I formed the character and personality of Ronke back in the day, Stella Damasus was a screen goddess, and I had her in mind as I wrote the story. These days though, she hardly acts.