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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

I’m depressed and confused. Whatever else I may be, I am not this…girl. I don’t play around. It’s one man at a time, and he has to be married. How did I get here? Entangled with single men, and accepting marriage proposal from a married man.

I am not used to all this emotion either. In the past I would feel disappointed, or angry, not sad and depressed.

Well, I need to snap out of it. This is not me. The diamond ring makes a lot of sense and I plan to keep it. The proposal too. But no single men. Tope already signed himself out and I will never let him back in my life. In fact, I may want to change church. Go somewhere bigger and better after my marriage too. As Mrs. Chase.

Luke has traveled again. I see his text message and reply immediately, “we have a wedding to plan, fiancé!”

He replies, “we start in three days when I get back.”

This puts a smile on my face. Planning a wedding. I wonder what he has in mind. As excited as I am about this, I also have Tope’s violation to deal with, and Femi’s passion. So depressing.

And I’m finding it hard to snap out of it.

With Christmas just a few days away, I decide to do some shopping. Isn’t that what depressed rich women and mistresses do?

Luke will return just the day before Christmas, and I imagine he may want to do something special, so I go outfit-shopping. A new boutique opened at the mall and I’ve been putting off visiting it.

To my delight, they have a healthy stock of white dresses. I see more than a couple I have to get into my wardrobe. And I do. Perfect outfits for my new status.

Fiona pops into my mind again, but I flip her out, with her spoilt son. Who needs him now? The voice in my head tells me to find a way to oppress him after I’m married to his father. The other voice hisses. Their matter will be for later.

I pick my two dresses, a pair of red shoes and accessories to go with the shoe, and join a long queue at the till. Everyone’s doing last minute shopping, I guess.

I have no special plans for Christmas, never had. It all depended on which man I’m with at the time. Luke will choose how we celebrate.

My eyes catch a headline on the magazine rack, and I nearly gag. The pictures on the front page confirm the story:

               Luke Chase thrown out!

Under the bold caption are bullet points:

  • Wife accuses him of cheating with several loose women.
  • Divorce lawyer contacted.
  • May lose matrimonial mansion

Tempted beyond control, I take the copy off the rack. I find the page with the full story and search through if my name would be mentioned. It isn’t but two other names are. My stomach sinks. What is going on?

Is Luke cheating on me too?

One of the women mentioned is old enough to be my mother. Must be rumors! I can’t believe this. Luke won’t cheat on me, and then propose. How does this make me feel? I don’t care if he has a hundred other women in his life but to know about them hurts unexpectedly.

What is going on? He has to explain this. Though, at the back of my mind, I don’t care. As long as he gets me the lifestyle I want. Huh, if he can cheat, I can too. Femi is still the best to me, even in bed. And with Luke’s money, and Femi’s passions, what more can a girl want?

I decide to take the magazine with me. I’ll read it in detail when I get home. The story of my life behind the scenes. It suddenly dawns that once I become Mrs. Chase, my life will also be on the pages of several gossip magazines.

Do I want that? Maybe Luke will agree to a private wedding, and life with me. We’d be married but continue like we’re doing now. It’s good to know he’s divorcing Fiona…wait! If he divorces Fiona, and marries me, then I’ll be the wife!

When I enter my house, I’m shaking all over. I don’t want to be the “official” wife! Goodness, I didn’t want to be a wife at all in the first place.

I sit with my hands clasped in between my thighs, and my shopping bags scattered on the floor around me. Why is life so complicated? Why can’t I just live this quiet existence and have a man like Luke with no strings. Eating my cake, and having it. Has never happened to me. All the men I’ve been with always ended with pain, yet single guys were worse.

I need to talk to someone now, who understands me perfectly. But who? Toyin will not hear of it again, and Ivy…I don’t know what’s going on with Ivy now. Those two understood me so well and now I don’t have them. My sisters would not talk to me.

Femi. After last night, I don’t think he’d want to share! I rub my forehead. What do I do?

My other phone begins to ring. It’s Femi! Huh, I’ll just have to tell him everything. My heart thuds with excitement. I love this guy so much. I’m definitely going to keep him even after becoming Mrs. Chase. He’s everything I want…though not rich but—

“Hello, Nosa.”

“Hello, darling. I was just about to call you. I wanted to tell you—”

“Nosa, I’m sorry. I’m sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that.”

I snicker. “Of course not. You comforted me. I don’t know how I could have passed the night without you.” I sigh. “I don’t mind if you come over tonight too. I want to talk to you.”

He pauses for a long time.

“Femi? Are you there?”

His voice is low. “I’m sorry, Nosa. I’m never coming around again. I’m—I was wrong last night.” He sucks in his breath. “I’m with Ivy now. We’re getting married.”


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

That diamond ring totally lost me. I have never seen anything so beautiful. Luke begins to kiss me, and we end up back in bed.

No church for me today, whew! I am messed up.

I finally get him to leave when my other phone rang and I noticed it was Tope. I am now engaged to be married. To a married man who cheated on his wife with me, and probably with other women. The voice in my head is angry right now, but the other soft but aggressive one is leaping with joy.

You will be Mrs. Nosa Chase. That’s crazy! I didn’t know I had pumped in enough love into Luke to distract him from his wife. Wow!

But this happy thought has to wait. I need to settle this Tope issue right away. It’s over. Whatever we thought had started.

As I am about to call him, he calls.

“Baby mi, what happened? I didn’t see you in church? I’m worried stiff.”

Huh—hmm, I had cramps. Stomach cramps. And I’ve been throwing up.”

“Aha, what did you eat?”

“I don’t know.”

“Anyway, I’m just about a street away from your house. I’ll come and make you feel better.”

Huh, I’m not even at home. Er—”

“I’ll wait. Where did you go feeling sick?”

My head starts to pound. Leave me, this man!

“My neighbour’s. I wanted him to take me to the clinic but he had some meds for me. So I’ve just been there since morning.”

“A guy—?”

“He’s married. Duh!

We both laugh. “Well, thank him. His job is done. I’m coming to care for my babe.”

I hurry into the bathroom, and take a quick shower. My bed is still rumpled when Tope knocks on my door.

He has a bunch of roses for me, and pulls me into a hug. His kiss is not chaste like the night before. I hold back. Luke’s ring glistens in my wardrobe. I need to get rid of this one.

I place my hand on his broad chest. “Tope, hmm. I don’t feel well.”

“I heard tender loving care heals faster than any medicine.” He goes into the hollow of my neck and takes love bites. “Hmm?

“Tope, no. Stop.”

I can feel him. This guy coming from church is as horny as a dog in heat. I push at him. “Stop it. I don’t feel well.”

“You soon will.” He holds my waist with arms as strong as an iron band. “What’s wrong? You sound like this is just what you needed on the phone.”

“No! Of course not. Tope, let go.”

“I will.” He lifts me at the waist, and dumps me on my couch. “When we’re done!”

I have never been forced to have sex. Thirty years of existence, and half of them sexually active, not once.

A brother I thought was God’s will for my life less then twenty-four hours ago just did. On my couch. Thrice. I can’t even cry. This is beyond belief.

He stands up, and smiles. “Don’t you feel better?”

A rage I never imagined I possessed overtakes me. I leap to my feet and deal him a dirty slap. He pushes me, and I fall back on the couch.

He laughs. “Looks like you want more, vixen.”

“If you touch me again, I will kill you.”

I imagine he’s coming down on me again, and I kick into the space between us. But he walks toward the door.

“I’m tired. Next time, pretty.” He’s out of the house before I can reply.

I gasp, bite my lips, and double over. What just happened? How could this happen? What should I do? Report him to the relationship pastor? Who would believe me? I wasn’t in church, he was. It would be his word against mine. Animals like him with a charm get away with what they like.

I can’t believe Tope just raped me. Three times. He’s stronger than he looks and overpowering. No one had ever held me with such brute force.

Tears begin to pour down my eyes. I shouldn’t cry for any man. I need to hurt this guy in return. I feel so violated. How did the devil come and ruin Luke’s proposal for me like this?

I pick my other phone, and call the only person I think will believe me. Femi.

He picks up on the third ring. “Hello. Nosa?”

His voice is soothing. I burst into tears. I am not usually this weak, but I can’t believe that guy raped me and walked out of my house without a scar.

Femi sounds alarmed. “Honey, what happened? Why are you crying?”

“I was raped.” I cry. “Bastard raped me.”

“What? Where are you? Go to the police station. No, let’s go together. Where are you?”

Oh Femi, such a darling. No questions asked.

“I can’t go to the police. No one will believe me.”

“I believe you. Where are you?”

I continue to sob. “In my house.”

“Did you see the man’s face?”

“I know him. He—he’s a brother in my church.”

Femi mutters a string of dirty cuss words. “I’m coming over. Just stay calm. He’s going to live to regret today in his life.”

“Thank you.”

After I hang up, I remain cuddled on the couch. Cold, and angry and scared how a man could be so audacious to treat me like this.

When Femi arrives, he tries to convince me to report to the police or to my pastor but I don’t have the confidence to.

In the end, he cooks for me, makes sure I have a bath. And spends the night with me.

He left before I wake up on Monday morning and I realize for the first time in my life, I’ve had intercourse with three different men in the space of one day.


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

What does he want?

Well, what doesn’t he want? To arrive at this time of the night mean Luke will spend the night unless the moon comes out in the afternoon. I am so conflicted right now. Just a few days ago, my emotions turn wild at hearing Femi’s voice. Then Tope mesmerized me these last two days and now Luke is here.

He comes out of his car, and rushes at me with a passion I have seen him display before. Wild, hungry, madness.

Luke hardly asks questions or he should have noticed a car drive by as he approached, and I’m standing outside. And asked. It also shows he really doesn’t care, and I should be done with him by now.

The seduction and fornication lasts all night, and I feel so dirty. But I can’t call things off so abruptly. As I doze off in the early hours of Sunday though, I decide this must end. I am with another man, now. A man from my church who fits my list perfectly. Like God just fitted him just for me. I am sure Tope will not agree to “share” the way Femi did.

When I open my eyes close to 8am, Luke is standing at my doorway, staring at me. What is he still doing here? And this is Sunday morning, I am late! Oh my! I jump off the bed and rush to the bathroom to get ready.

“What are you still doing here? I thought you’d be gone.” I shout over running water and toothpaste in my mouth.

“Good morning to you too, darling.” He shouts back.

“Good morning, I’m sorry. I’m running late for church.”

“Will you marry me?”

I choke on paste foam, and cough. Quickly I turn off the tap, and hurry out of the bathroom.

Luke Chase is on one knee, a small box open with this dazzling diamond stone. I stagger back.


“I take this as a yes.” He slides the ring into my finger, stand up and kiss me with the toothpaste and all.



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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

Olu is a civil engineer with a multi-national construction company, and he travels a lot. Tope, his cousin, is a banker in Lagos. Both have money, well-mannered, good-looking and Christian. Tope sings in the choir, and he’s one of those ones who stand behind Pastor when he’s ministering. That gauges his spirituality, I guess.

I sound insane, but I prefer Tope to Olu. I don’t want an “away” husband. Coming from me…I know, right?

Mary’s words all these years begin to make sense to me, alright. I mean, I can’t imagine being married to Tope, or Olu for that matter, and he’s seeing another woman outside. No way!

Well, Fiona Chase has it on for her. Not my thing.

I don’t know how the guys want to go about it, but in my usual forward way, I don’t want to leave anything to chance. So, I call Tope.

“What are you doing on Friday?”

“Nothing. Wanna hangout?”

“Sure. Why not?”

Olu is not in town, which makes it easier for both men to align quickly. No matter what they may have discussed between themselves about me, the ball is now in one court. Tope’s.

Going out on Friday with Tope is all of F-U-N! He’s sleek, respectful, generous, and knows how to stay out late with a woman. We have ice cream, watch a movie, drive around traffic-free Lagos in his gorgeous Acura, and at about 2 am, he returns me to my house.

He’s perfect for me. At 34, he’s ready to settle, and so am I. I asked to visit his house and redesign his bachelor pad, and he promises to pick me Saturday at noon. We’ll see his house, have lunch, shop for the décor, hangout! It’s just so much for me, and I love it.

Why was I wasting my time with useless married men all this while? It’s unimaginable that such young men, my age, wanting all the same things I want in life, exist so close to me. Well, welcome home, Nosa Williams.

Saturday morning, I do general cleaning and prepare for my second date with my new boyfriend. Well, he hasn’t made any declarations but the relationship pastor did say one of the steps to finding your life partner is through friendship. So, I am on the path.

Tope’s bachelor pad, and I realize he shares with Olu, who is currently somewhere in the middle east for three weeks, is an amazing four-bedroom apartment in Lekki. First thing I conclude is that it does not need a redesign. It is not bland like Tope made me believe, or small. It is a condo-mansion, if ever there is anything like that.

The guys have taste and class. So, I decide to cook a simple meal of shrimp stir-fry rice, from the stocked kitchen, and after eating, we still go shopping for a few things I suggested we could add to the décor.

Another wonderful day and at the end of it, at close to ten in the night, Tope drops me in my house.

He teases my chin with his index finger. “When will I see you again?”

I giggle. “Tomorrow in church, or aren’t you coming?”

He smiles, and draws my face to his. The kiss is chaste, just a little more then a peck on the lips.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, then, sweet angel.”

“See you tomorrow.”

I get out of his car, my head light. Wow! This is different. I like it!

I watch him drive off, waving. My stomach is sensitive, my lips in a loving pout. I am ecstatic. This feels really good.

I turn to enter my house but at my side view see a car approach, and I freeze.

Luke Chase is here.


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

Since I’m turning a new leaf, I realize how much I need my old friends again. I even think of inviting Ivy to come and stay with me instead of living with a stranger. Who knows what he may try with her.

So I call Toyin. She’s excited to hear from me.

“Nosa, I have been praying for you!” She screeches. “How I have waited so long to get this call.”

I smile. “Thanks, Toyin. I can always count on you to have my back.”

“I love you, girl. Nothing can stop me when it comes to you o.”

I know she feels guilty about the things we did together in the past, and wants to turn me around. Well, her prayer is being heard.

“I’m so grateful to you, honestly. And I’ve found my way back to God. For real this time.”

“You left your church?”

I burst into laughter. “Not at all! Why would I?”

Hmm, that your church.”

I roll my eyes. There we go. My problem with Toyin. She never knows when to stop.

“What’s wrong with my church?”

“I know it’s a big church, your pastor preaches and teaches but lifestyle generally…you know what I mean, na?”

“I don’t know, Toyin. You’ve come with your judgmental attitude.”

“I just like to be real.”

Sha, God has really been dealing with me. I just said I should tell you.” I sigh. “I have to go now. Shey, we’ll talk later. I want to know your house.”

“Yayyy! Halleluyah o!”

“Bye, jor.” I hang up before she gets me annoyed with her poking.

I call Ivy next and Femi picks the phone. Hearing his voice makes me dizzy…with want.

He just said my name and I quickly lower myself to the nearest chair which happens to be in my dining area. What’s he doing with her phone? It’s late. Close to ten.


I look for words. I can’t pretend I don’t know his voice. “Yes. Hello.”

“I’ve missed you, darling.”

For a moment I forget it’s Ivy I called. “Femi, please.”

He moans. “I have suffered.”

What’s he doing with Ivy’s phone anyway? What kind of intimacy will make him pick her calls, or is it because it is me?

“Please…stop it. We’re over.” I clear my throat. “I want to speak with Ivy. Is she there?”

“She’s asleep.”

“On your bed, I presume.”

Why am I having anger pangs. I let him go.

“Yes. It’s our living agreement. I sleep on the couch.”

“Well, tell her to call me when she wakes up.” I hang up before he can say anything else.

My phone rings almost immediately. It is Ivy. Hmm, so much for sleeping.

“Hello Nosa. How are you?”

Her voice drips with mockery and I wonder what exactly is going on.

Oh, Ivy, I was just told you were asleep.”

“Yes, but I woke up when my phone rang. Femi picked it before I could. He didn’t know I’d woken up.”

I snicker. “So you two pick up each other’s calls?”

“We live together, and we have nothing to hide.”

Eh? That sounds pretty intimate. Hmm.” Did he just call me “darling.”

“You have a problem with that?”

I hear some movement in the background, and Femi’s deep voice but I’m unable to make out what he says to her. But she mumbles, “I’m trying, Femi.”

Trying what? To make a conversation? Be nice?

She comes back to me. “Anyway, it’s good to hear from you again. How are you doing? How’s Mr. Chase.”

Is it even worth the trouble? I decide it’s not. I hang up without saying anything.

But the emptiness inside me is crippling. How long has it been since the day I broke off with Femi? I can’t remember but it’s been long. Six months or more.

Pain. In my soul.


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