Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

I don’t usually panic. I mean, with my history, what have I not seen. But I have never hit a man who is all over the internet. I check him out, as I normally do for most of them. He has a cute family – pretty wife, a son almost as tall as he is. I place his age at fifteen, maybe. Luke should be in his forties. Wife looks much younger, though. Almost like my age. Of course, she may not be the mother of the boy.

I don’t do much of the family. I focus on my relationship and that’s it.

His mother is a beautiful woman who looks nothing close to seventy. Money talks all the time, really.

“Well, Luke Chase, I promise you we will do many awesome stuffs together.” I mumble as I close my laptop.

Now to planning. I haven’t had any relationship with him yet so I need to make an impression. My good looks help me but I need to finesse everything else. The dress must be right. Till I get the invitation card, I may not know colours but I can plan.

I fling my wardrobe open. Most of my dresses are white. I love white and it works well with me.

“I can wear a long white silk dress and use the accessories for the party colours.” I remove two awesome white dresses that fit, and lay them on my bed. “This works.”

Just to be sure, I wear both dresses and turn here and there in front of my mirror. I pick the one I feel more comfortable in. The thick silk bodice smooths over my curves in a way not too suggestive for such an occasion. In respect of the birthday girl, I can’t show too much. This would be a family gathering.

I know how to party, and belong. Still, maybe because of the person who invited me, I want to be sure I don’t step on toes. Not his, anyway.

His wife would be there.

Not that it bothers me. I know how to lay low too, and I doubt she’d even know me to notice me. It occurs to me another girlfriend may be there too. I mean, I don’t know who Luke Chase is. I don’t know if he’s a playboy. Not much about his private life online.

If there’s another side-chick at the party, I won’t let it bother me. I’m new and I don’t want Luke to think I’m a fighter or something like that. Men don’t usually find it funny if a girl starts getting violent on their account, and in a family party too.

He’s a good friend of the state governor for crying out loud.

It’s Thursday and I have a doctor’s appointment. Good timing. I have to check my vitals ahead of this relationship. I do everything possible to keep safe and healthy. I can’t afford to get a disease. Simple.

I want to change my hair too. Though Luke commented on it though, but this is not my best style. I like my hair flowing, natural, smooth. I have had it braided for almost a month.

Still depends on when the birthday is. This weekend or the one after.

I’m now a bit conflicted on whether to leave the house or not. It’s a bit early to expect him, though. Doctor’s appointment is in a couple of hours and I do need it.

Experience has taught me to follow my heart. I brush my hair as quickly as I can. He may not come till close of work. Then again, he’s a big boy and doesn’t need to “close” from work.

I must just take a decision. I missed the last appointment because I didn’t feel like it, and there was no need. No man.

I breathe deeply. “This is important.”

With one look at my room, all spick and span, I grab my handbag and head out. I don’t have a car now, after I angrily returned the one I had to the nasty man who gave me. Huh!

Luke must give me a car. Or should I better say I will gather enough from him to get a car of my own. Not sure I want a man to give me a car again. Though for Luke, hmm…

This relationship might just be “the one.”


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

The new guy’s name is Luke. He wasn’t wearing his ring last night when we met at an upscale gentlemen’s club but it’s written all over his face he is married. I mean, nine years doing this has me acting and detecting like a pro.

I take his card out of the hidden pocket of the small white A-line dress I wore the previous night, the pocket being something I have in most of my clothes because I don’t carry bags, and studied it. Simply states his name, and “Entrepreneur” with his number and BBM pin.

His face pops into my mind. Strong jaw, even teeth, these things matter to me. He didn’t smile much but the confident air couldn’t be ignored. Light cream-chocolate skin, clean-shaven, and so handsome. Mid-forties but he could be younger or older for that matter.

Such a man has a way with women, and he fascinated me. Still does, or I won’t be staring at his card like it’s a piece of exotic milk chocolate. We danced but he didn’t make any more advances, just the card he gave me and the usual, “call me.”

Well, I was out shopping. It’s been two months since the last relationship. After I got kicked out of my accommodation five years ago, at the young age of twenty-one by an ex, I’ve not relied on a man for my accommodation.

I live well. My self-contained room is in a small guarded estate on Lagos Mainland. The estate was designed for young upward-mobile professionals. It’s expensive but I like it. It’s private, safe, and maintained by an efficient real estate company.

Though I have some savings, my rent expires in three months, and I’ve already told the agent I’m keeping my space. I need new maintenance.

I dial Luke’s number, and he picks up after the fifth or sixth ring.

“Chase and Emmanuel, good morning.”

The first message from this leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. The number is his official one? Duh!

“Good morning. This is Nosa. We met at—”

His voice softens considerably on the phone. “I remember you.”

A great voice too. In my years of experience, most of these men come with one or two special traits besides their wealth. I learn not to have preferences as long as the price is right.

“You told me to call.”

I really like what I saw last night. It’s not easy being out there, regardless of what people think. I am a survivor. I need this to live.

“Yeah.” He pauses. “You know what, I’ll save your number.” Another pause. “My mum’s seventieth is next weekend. Exclusive party. I’ll send you an invite. Text your address.”


“Have a nice day.”

He hangs up before I can comment. His mum’s seventieth! Why would he invite me to a family occasion like that? Fine, we spent almost all evening together yesterday over a few drinks but…this is still absurd.

I send my address then panic. Today is Thursday. Next weekend is two days away. Who is this guy? What will I wear? Exclusive party! Huh.

I open my wardrobe first, then decide to search this man out. I know what to wear to exclusive Lagos parties but there are different categories. A few punches on Google on my phone, and I see the images.

Luke Chase, Entrepreneur.

He’s a jeweler. I have hit a jackpot!


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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

My name is Nosakhare William, otherwise called Nosa (No-sir). The only daughter of my parents with a male name. All of my six sisters have lovely names like Julia, Kate, Leila, Rose, Beauty and Mary. I am the last and the least in my family. Sometimes I feel like a David.

The first time I saw the term “strange woman” in the Bible, I took offense. The word strange hits below the belt. I am not strange. I am a survivor!

My story starts here…


Photo cropped from pixabay.com