Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

The burial is a huge success by all means. My cow made Mum and our side of the family look good. You see, in our part of the country, a good burial is weighed by the amount of food available to guests. Amount of meat, actually. Like Mary and Toyin thought, Queen’s food finished before ours, and soon servers were coming to “beg” for meat. It is really good to watch.

After the reception, we return to Julia’s house. We didn’t plan any night party, and even if Queen did, we won’t be there. The following day, the will is supposed to be read but Daddy’s widow said he didn’t have a lawyer and didn’t leave a will. Well, that is Julia and Mum’s headache.

More than half of the cow remains, and it is shared equally by Julia.

“I don’t need so much,” I tell Toyin. “I still live alone.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m keeping mine in the freezer.” She chuckles. “I’m not buying meat for another three months!”

I laugh at her exaggeration. “Aha, Toyin! You want to cut it into maggi cube size?”

She puts her meat away in a raffia bag where her souvenirs are. “I don’t have to, haha.”

Still, I insist she takes some of mine. She’s feeding two people, me, one.

“When are you going back?”

I startle. The dreaded question. No one knows how miserable my life is right now. Being with my family these two days has helped me to forget the mess I left behind in Lagos. Money is currently not my problem but what if Luke is on to something? My best scenario is to continue to pretend he is the father of my baby, and he plays along, marries me and his wife leaves me well alone. But this sounds like a fairy-tale. This can only be if the anonymous caller is fake and just wanted to harass me.

If the caller is right…

I may be on my way out of a “comfortable” existence. Back on the streets, looking for a house, perhaps without a car, and how long will my savings last. A year, maybe after I pay rent. I’ll have a baby by then, and then what? Keep my baby with a nanny while I go out to “work?”

“Nosa! Did you even hear a word of what I said?”

I look at Toyin, all the confusion in my life probably clearly written on my face. “Ehn? Sorry. I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“Nosa? Nosa!” Toyin grips my hand. “What is going on with you?”

Aha, nothing! I’m fine.”

“It’s not true, jọ! Why are you lying?” She moves to the bed we shared for two days and sits beside me. “You need to confide in someone, Nosa! This is me, Toyin! Someone will call you and you won’t pick up, and you never pick unknown number.”

“Toyin, there’s nothing. I’m pregnant, and—”

Her eyes bulge. “You’re pregnant? For who?”

I snicker and move away to start packing my bag. “Who else? I don’t do two men at the same time.”

“Luke Chase can’t have children.” Her voice seems to come from far away.

Blood drains from my veins, and I slump back on to the bed. Sweat breaks on my forehead.

I whisper hoarsely. “How?”

“How? Didn’t Ivy tell you? Everyone knows. It’s not a secret, Nosa.” Then she gasps. “You told him you’re pregnant for him? Osanobua, Nosa! You’re finished. Luke Chase hates deceit.”


Photo cropped from pixabay.com

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