Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

I thought it would be awkward but it isn’t. Especially by some divine coincidence, my cow arrives minutes after I did. It’s the first cow-gift, apparently. I don’t know what happened to my family, but they didn’t have enough money to buy a full cow.

Julia goes about ranting on how to kill a cow, and who will cook it, and I just pretend not to hear it.

“The cooks said they will get a butcher. And they have agreed to cook it without extra charge,” Mary rushes in to say. “Though we have to pay the butcher separately.”

Julia gasps. “Huh! How much will that be now? I don’t have any more money o!”

“I’ll pay for it,” Toyin offers. “And Mary, we have to monitor those cooks o, or they will steal all the meat, and we won’t have anything after the burial.”

Mary giggles. “Trust me.”

There is a lot of hustle and bustle, and the atmosphere is light. Which helps me blend easily. Everyone talks normally with me, thank goodness. I am just not ready for any drama at the moment. I learn my mum is in her house. She’s mourning the way Daddy died in her house more than the death. Toyin tells me it’s given her nightmares. But no one has time for all of this.

Queen, daddy’s official widow had dumped the date of the burial suddenly because I was wondering why I’d be given such a short notice.

“That girl,” Mary hissed as she, I and Toyin join the cooks to clean the meat. We volunteered for this so we can keep an eye and reduce the loss. “We’ve been asking her for a date forever. She refused to allow even Julia to attend the meetings.”

Toyin shrugs. “She thinks she’ll get everything from the will.”

“She cornered information and plans so she will be the one everybody gives money and otherwise.” Mary rolls her eyes. “Mummy just told us to do our own thing without her.”

“I’m sure nobody gave her a cow,” Mary giggles and steals a glance at me.

There is an awkward silence because, #throatclearing, where the cow came from is less than acceptable.

“Is Luke coming?”

I startle at Toyin’s question. For a moment I want to ask her which Luke? The one you condemned me for dating? But it’s daddy’s funeral and everyone has let down their arms.

“He can’t make it. The notice is too short.”

Awkward silence again.

Mary giggles. “I imagine that silly girl will be shocked when she sees the quality of food we will serve. All the meat.”

Toyin slaps her knee. “She’ll probably ask us, in fact, beg us to give her meat.”


Photo cropped from pixabay.com

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