Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

It’s not like I didn’t at some point in my life want a good relationship. I did. But each time I remember how my father treated my mother, I hate him, I hate her, and I hate all men, and I hate all women.

My life was very lonely, still is. My life has been so empty. The more I think I am punishing the people who hurt me, the more I hurt. It’s a rollercoaster, a vicious cycle. I don’t want to bring a child into this kind of life. I don’t want a child who will be me…And a male child may make worse choices.

The following morning, and two days to my father’s burial, I pack up, stop at the bank to credit my sister’s account, and get on the next available flight to Benin.

When we touch down, I send Luke a message. He pays half a million into my account shortly afterward and calls.

“Buy a cow for the burial,” he says.

“Thanks, darling.”

I hate him too. Is it true he can’t father a child? So, he knows I’m lying to him about carrying his baby. Oh, now he wants to use me or what? He knows I’m using him too. It’s such a hopeless lifestyle.

I check into a hotel and call my friend Sazu. He’s probably the only guest I’ll have. Esosa the clown would be at the burial too but I plan to snub hell out of him.

“I want to buy a cow. My baby-daddy sent money for it.”

Sazu whistles. “Wow! Nosa, you know how to rock this life.”

I roll my eyes. “How else?”

“I’ll call one of our customers who deal with the barrack boys. They’ll deliver wherever you want.”

“Great. Thanks.”

“And sorry about your dad. I don’t believe I’ve spoken to you since.”

“Thanks. I’ll pay on delivery.”

Sazu chuckles. “I trust you.”

“I’ll send the address for the delivery in a moment.”

Ideally, should be Daddy’s house, but I don’t want to give it to the control of Queen. Mum’s house should be best but are they cooking there? Or Julia?

I decide to call Mary. She’d be the least hostile, I think.


“Hello? Nosa? This is Toyin. Mary’s phone is with me.”

I roll my eyes all the way to the back of my head and back. No way! “Oh, Toyin! Hi. You’re here already?”

“Yes, we’re staying in Julia’s. Are you in Benin?”

“Yes. I just came in today. I want to—”

“Where are you staying?”

“A hotel on Obasanjo way.” I sigh. “So, I have to deliver—”

“Hotel, ke! No no no. Come to Julia’s house, jare! What’s wrong with this Nosa? Everyone is expecting you.”

I snicker. “Really?”

“Please please please.” She says something to someone. “Abeg, come over. Your uniform is here, sef.”

I heave a heavy sigh. “I just checked in…”

“Yes! I’m coming!” She yells. “Nosa is here too. Yes. Is that not the goat Mama Ebube fried? No! Nobody should touch it. Abeg. Put it under my bed in—”

She continues to scream over the phone about all sorts of things and I hang up. My head is ringing. What will it be like to stay with family? Again. And in such a short time.

I call Sazu and give him Julia’s address to deliver the cow.

“I’m staying there too.” I sigh, resigned.

When did Nosa become this wreck out of control?


Photo cropped from pixabay.com

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