Serve a Kobo

Serve a koboTeddy Adu is the perfect good guy with enough wealth to support his status. Being a loan-shark wasn’t one of his favourite attributes though but he succumbs to pressure to get his loans paid through service. When Toke comes to his house as a cleaner, to pay off her mother’s debt, Teddy finds himself drawn irresistibly to her beauty and charm.



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She carried herself as an old maid, and being the head of her unit in the office didn’t help matters for Theresa’s heart. She was in love with her staff, and didn’t know what to do about it, especially because Dino ignored her just as much as she did him. However, her lust drove her to the extreme, and Theresa would either lose her job, or burst.


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People JumpingCHAPTER 16 


Betty lay on the bare floor, her face bandaged. Suzie is seated with her, looking dejected.

Betty barely opens her mouth. “Mma Pastor?”

Suzie sighs sadly. “I’m not going there again. She has—issues.”

Betty flinches in pain. “Not a good idea.”

Suzie looks surprised. “Mma Pastor? I thought you hated her?

Betty winces and shifts lightly. “She was the only one who tried to stop those mad men from taking me away—”

Suzie’s mouth drops open. “Mma Pastor? Hmm.” Looks at Betty with pity. “What did they do to your face?”

Betty breathes in and gasps as though to cry but finding that expression too painful. “They took the whole day, tied me up somewhere. The witch told them to give me tribal marks—” Gasps again. “They made more than fifteen marks! And then took me to the clinic to have the wounds dressed. Three full days and no relief. You saw how I couldn’t even talk that first day. I was in so much pain.”

Suzie covers her mouth in shock. “So sorry.”

Betty shivers. “They were professional tribal marks! Each one is so deep… My face can never be the same again… oh.”

Suzie shakes her head. “I’m so sorry.”

Betty points at the table. “Please bring me the glass of water and those tabs.” Suzie gives her the glass. She takes a tab and sighs heavily. “My whole body is in pain. She had them make all sorts of incisions on my body and even my my…” Sobs. “I’ll find that woman and kill her!”

“I’m so sorry.”

Betty slowly looks at her watch. “You should go home now.”

“No, please. I can’t. My mother will kill me.”

“You still have to go home sometime.” Shrugs painfully. “Maybe you should just go to Mma Pastor…”

“No, please. I came here and met your door open and entered your house… Please don’t send me away!” Paces frantically. “I would have just stayed here even if you didn’t come back… Please.” Goes to kneel close to her. “Please.”

Betty sighs. “Okay. But you must go tomorrow. You can’t hide here forever. You must go to school.”

Mrs. Uzo crosses the road to Mma Pastor’s house by the salon. She knocks on the door urgently. Mma Pastor opens to her. In Mma Pastor’s sitting room, Pastor is seated on the couch reading his Bible. Mma and Mrs. Uzo enter and exchange pleasantries. Pastor exits as the women settle down.

Mrs. Uzo sits forward, panicked. “Suzie hasn’t come back since! Three days now.”

Mma Pastor exclaims. “Why?! Oh Lord!”

Mrs. Uzo shudders. “The police have not seen her either. No one knows where she is. Did she come here at all?”

Mma Pastor shakes her head. “No, she did not!” Tries to hide her panic. “I followed her out but she just ran across the road… I went to the salon from there. Since then…” Shrugs.

Mrs. Uzo covers her mouth with shaky fingers. “I am doomed. Hey, God! Where will I run to? What will I say?” Turns to Mma, frenetic. “What did she tell you? Where will I go to?”

Mma Pastor sighs. “Did you ask the neighbours?”

“Every single one. I went to even her friends’ houses.”

Mma Pastor pats Mrs. Uzo’s hand. “Calm down. Let’s call your husband…”

Mrs. Uzo hisses. “No way. Suzie will never go to him.”

“You never can tell.”

Mrs. Uzo snaps. “I know my daughter.”

Mma Pastor shrugs. “The most important thing now is to find her.”

Paul is seated on Mr. Uzo’s bed, his arms folded in his laps, looking unhappy. Mr. Uzo moves around the room, busily, dressing up. He picks things from the room, and when he is ready, looks expectantly at Paul. They head for the door.

Mr. Uzo stops the car in front of the hospital. They come out of the car and walk inside.

Mmayen carries her scarf of clothes on her head and treks on Ikot Urua village path to another compound. She is welcomed by her mother, Nkoyo.

Nkoyo frowns. “Your husband chase you?”

Mmayen drops the scarf on the ground. “I chase myself. I want to go to Lagos. I am tired of this village.”

Nkoyo gasps. “Who do you know in Lagos?”

Mmayen pouts. “Ekaette.”

“Your rival! The witch.”

“I want to go to Lagos!” Mmayen stomps into her mother’s hut.

Udo walks into a chemist meets up with Mfon, who works as a sales girl. He is dressed in his school uniform.

Mfon’s face splits into a smile. “Heh, what are you doing here? Etido sent you?”

Udo shakes his head. “I really need your help, Mfon. My brother doesn’t even know I’m here, and mustn’t know.”

Mfon turns around from behind the counter and walks Udo to the road. “What is it?”

“First, I know Etido doesn’t like talking much but how far with Imoh? Any news from the people she lived with?”

Mfon sighs. “No, Udo. Thanks for asking. We’re just praying somehow Imoh will be found. Etido wants to use soldiers to harass the woman but everyone knows that woman is just as scared. She knows nothing about Imoh’s whereabouts.”

“Hmm, God will find her for us.”

“Amen!” Mfon corks her head. “So, what did you need help with?”

“Mfon, please. My brother must never know about this.”

“I won’t tell him.”

Udo sighs. “My girlfriend is pregnant. I know Etido spends his last kobo to make sure I do well in school, and he pays so much, everything to put me in that school. I know his sacrifice.” He swallows. “Please don’t tell him.”

“I won’t tell him, Udo. But how could you be so careless? Where is the girl?”

“She comes from a rich family. I don’t even know what to do. She said she’s afraid to tell her parents. She wants to run away from home.”

“You can’t let her do that.”

“She hasn’t come to school since three days now. Since she told me.” Udo breaks down.

Mfon shakes him. “Pull yourself together. Do you know her house?”

“Yes. She lives on Savanna.”

“Ah, rich people street. Na wa o. Maybe you have to go and look for her. I mean, what do you plan to do?”

“Can you get me drugs?”

Mfon frowns. “Drugs?”

“To flush it.”

Mfon screams. “God forbid. Udo? How can you even think that?”

“Well, what am I going to do?”

Imoh runs behind the kitchen door. With the man indoor all morning, she’s not sure what to do. She’s moved around the house like a thief just to clean, and thank God he hasn’t asked her anymore questions or touched her.

“God please help me here.”

The back door opens and she clenches her fists, willing herself not to breathe. There’s movement in the kitchen. The intruder opens the tap and seem to fill a container from the gushing water. Imoh risks a peep and sees Ade.

She hisses before she can stop herself. The boss’ driver is so full of himself. She has made it a point of duty to avoid him as much as his boss.

She waits till he’s gone and comes off behind the door. The kitchen is clean but Alice will soon be back from school, and she needs to make her lunch.

She walks on tiptoes to the sink. Surely Oga knows she’s in the house. Thank God he has kept to himself.

She hums a local song under her breath and doesn’t hear until a cold hand touches her neck. Imoh screams.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s me.”

She turns to him, trembling. What did he want with her? She has to beg him to stop touching her face or neck, talking to her.


“Are you afraid?”

Imoh decides to let him know once and for all. “Yes sir.”

“Don’t be. I want to help you.” Mr. Eke lowers his voice. “Do you want to go to school?”

Imoh’s lips tremble so hard she finds it hard to talk. “Yes sir.”

He breaks into a grin. “Hurry then. She won’t be home till I go and pick her. Go and pack your things. You’re going to school.”

Imoh frowns. “Now sir?”

“Yes. Don’t you want to go to school?”

She curtsies. “I want sir.”

He gives her a little push. “Good. Go and pack quickly. You are going to school. Now now now. Ade will take you!”

Udo comes down from a rickety bus on the main street and takes the turn that leads him to Savanna Street. He hopes he can get Paul outside the house so he can call Suzie out. It will all have to be by luck. He mutters words of encouragement to himself. Words he hopes will give Suzie courage to tell her parents. Words he doubts makes any sense.

A few houses away from the Uzos, a jeep navigates on to the road, and Udo waits for it to pass before he continues his walk. He doesn’t look at the passengers inside. It was a regular “big man’s” jeep.

Inside the jeep, Imoh is seated beside Ade, her shaky hands stiffly folded in her laps, trembling so hard, her few possessions packed into a leather suitcase Mr. Eke graciously gave her. She also has a note to the principal of a prestigious boarding school on the outskirts of Lagos. Imoh had never heard of the school, and she wonders how she will cope mid-way in the year. But going to school had always been her passion. Partially the reason her mother sent her to Lagos.

She had been disappointed before but no matter the high jump, she always scaled it.



End of Drama on Savanna Street Season 1.

Watch out for more suspense, more intrigue, more romance, and more drama on Savanna Street Season 2. Coming soon…




IKAIn ÌKA, Ile Kingdom is besieged by the formidable Ìka, prince of Owa Kingdom, who has swept nearly all of the far western kingdoms of 19th century Yorubaland with victory upon victory in war.

Onile, King of Ile, sends a frail gift in the person of his last daughter, 15-year-old Ero, but the risk of success is very high. Will the naïve teenager change the decisions the seasoned warrior-prince makes? Or will he steal her heart before she can?


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ScatteredFollowing the brutal murder of her husband Moses, Abigail is detained as prime suspect. None of the witnesses agreed to testify especially because Moses had accused an anonymous rival of having an affair with his wife, shortly before his death. Abigail maintains her innocence, and with no evidence, is released. But Elijah, Moses’ younger brother takes the law into his hands, and will stop at nothing till justice is served, even at the expense of his heart.


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People JumpingCHAPTER 15 


The cock crows at Ikot Urua village the same minute Mmayen lets out a blood-freezing scream. Ekpeyong grabs his wrapper off his mat and rushes out of his room. Neighbors gather within minutes. Someone runs to call Nkoyo, Mmayen’s mother.

Nkoyo runs inside her daughter’s room and releases a chain of expletives never heard off. Neighbors speculate. Ekaette has been away for less than a week and there has been peace until now.

No one ventures inside the small hut Mmayen shares with her three-year old son. Perhaps because they all fear the worst.

Nkoyo comes out of the hut after a while and runs off without talking to anyone. She soon returns with the old woman the villagers call a witch. It is no secret that Nkoyo herself has close dealings with the underworld.

The old woman steps out of the hut with the lifeless body of Mmayen’s son. Mother and grandmother follow. They walk away in the direction of the forest. Some of the neighbors follow but some, halted by Ekpeyong’s angry protest, stays behind.

Bukky tiptoes to Lekan’s trousers carefully hung on a chair on his side of the bed, and picks it. She’s been searching for her shopping list since he finished eating the night before. She suspects he took the list while she served his meal in the kitchen.

She checks both sides of his pockets, whilst stealing glances at him to be sure he doesn’t wake and catch her unawares.

Where’s the list, she wonders. She can’t allow him to see it and she needs that list as proof of the expenses made and yet to be made. Her benefactor drives a hard bargain and she doesn’t want to be found lacking.

Lekan stirs and Bukky freezes. Her fiancé opens one eye and gazes at her. His face shows lack of comprehension. He mumbles something and closes his eye. Within a few seconds, Bukky hears his sound of sleep.

She checks the pockets and finds nothing. Then she checks his shirt. She tiptoes to his wardrobe and buries her head in it.

She doesn’t know when Lekan stands and tiptoes as well toward the bathroom. He carries the waste bin by the bathroom door and walks back to her.

She screams.

Lekan pushes the bin toward her. “Is this what you’re looking for?”

She peeps into the bin and looks at him, eyes widened. “You tore my list?”

Imoh stands pressed to the wall close to her bedroom door, and listens for sounds. She hears nothing, which is strange. Alice should be awake but since Imoh hears nothing, she contemplates going to check. Last night he had come in again. He sat on the edge of her bed and touched her leg. Imoh had never been so frightened in her life. Madam said she wasn’t to go anywhere until Oga left the house.

She opens the door gently and startles when the door pushes back. Not aggressively. More like the person behind had been expecting her to open the door.

“Do you know what you want?”

Imoh stares into the face of the man she fears most. She’s heard of her fellow housegirls being molested by their bosses. One thing she’d enjoyed in Mrs. Akpan’s employ was that peace. Mrs. Akpan didn’t even have a husband, and the men she entertained in her house were done with utmost discretion.

She whimpers. “Yes sir.”

Mr. Eke whispers. “Is this what you want?”

Imoh nods. “Yes sir.”

“Are you very sure?”

Imoh wants to cry. “Yes sir.”

He touches her cheeks for a split second and disappears.

Before Imoh can catch her breath, she hears Mrs. Eke walk in through the front door. She hears the couple speak in mumbles, a strange way for a happy couple to communicate. Alice walks into her bathroom and soon the sound of flushing is heard. Everyone seem to have a late start today.

Imoh continues to press herself against the wall until she hears the familiar sounf of Mr. Eke’s jeep.

Ade calls to her for something but she knows better than to respond.

Soon all is quiet from outside and she hears the sound of Mr. Eke’s jeep. She lets out her breath. To God who made her, she would soon need to find her way out of here.

Mid-morning, Suzie startles awake. Betty is not back, and she hopes the older lady is fine. She straightens the bed and goes out through the back door the way she came in, and crosses the road to her house. Definitely her mother should be back. She knows she should go to Mma Pastor’s to thank her for the cold night she was subjected to but she doesn’t. Her house key is with her anyway so she didn’t need the older woman.

No one would have suspected the pastor’s wife had such a husband who lacked the simplest form of human sympathy. Well, she owes them nothing. She only regrets she told Mma Pastor her secret. Though the older woman had pressurized her.

She knows she needs to see Udo. This is not working out the way she plans. She walks into her house, expecting, hoping her mother will be there. She’s not so lucky. The drink Betty gave her does not seem to be working. She feels pregnant, still. Though she may be wrong. It’s still too soon to know but her spirit feels pregnant.

She rubs her lower abdomen. Her period has not returned though Betty told her it won’t immediately. She just needs a reassurance. She enters the bathroom and takes a quick shower then she dresses up, and leaves the house.

Bukky walks into Mr. Eke’s office, her new list in her hand. She doesn’t know what it’s for anymore because she’s told Lekan it was over. She can’t marry a man who does not appreciate the same values with her. She’s tired of his stinginess and it’s time to move on. But she has debts. All the lace and accessories she bought need to be paid for. She may end up selling them or keeping them for her wedding, whenever that would be.

She knocks on the door of the office, and opens the door.

Bukky is shocked to see Gina Eke seated behind her hubby’s table. Her mouth drops open, and she realizes there will be trouble when Gina exclaims,


Supo Cole scrolls through his android phone till he gets the name he wants. He’s had to work from the hospital after the annoying Mr. Uzo left. His wife needs him now and he’s just been a fool and an angry one too. Why couldn’t men see when their wives need them?

“Yes, I’m still at the hospital. The little girl seem okay but you know how women are. Sure. She can’t do anything at the moment. She’s really confused. She had to go and change and return. Anyway, the property is ours.” He chuckles. “And at our price. I know what I’m doing.” He laughs. “You do your part, I’ll do mine.”

He hangs up and looks around. There’s no sign of anyone suspicious. He makes another call.

“Babes, I’m just tired. Did you get the fresh crab? Ah, I can’t wait. Your fried crabs is the best in the world. Of course. I am a very lucky man.” He hangs up, and smiles at his phone.

“Who was that?” Mrs. Uzo’s voice is thin.

Supo’s head jerks up. “My sister. She makes the best crab in the world.”

Mrs. Uzo hugs her arms around her waist.

Supo goes to her and pulls her into his arms. “How’s Angel?”

Mrs. Uzo sighs. “She opened her eyes, and called for me.” She grips his shirt front, and weeps into it.

“Ah, Gina. I—no wonder. My spirit was like I should come here first.”

Gina Eke frowns. “My hubby said I should come to his office and wait for him.”

“He definitely wasn’t expecting me. Lekan was meant to come but you know him.” Bukky shrugs. “He’s so ashamed to ask Uncle Joe for money.”

“They were mates so.” Gina shrugs. “Anyway, how much did Lekan want to ask for?”

“Hmm, I told him o. You know me, I like good things but three million loan for wedding. Hmm, I told Lekan he won’t be able to pay back.”

Gina’s eyes widen. “Three million!”

Bukky sits. “I told him o but at the last minute, after fixing appointment with your hubby. He’s now shy. I just agreed to come last minute. Because Lekan, hmm. I know him.”

“Well, maybe Joe too was dodging him for him to say I should come and wait here.”

The prospect makes both ladies laugh.

“Ah, men.” Bukky sighs. “Well, purpose defeated then.”

“Hmm, Bukky I didn’t even gist you. The plan has worked. The girl. That Betty was picked up today.”


“This morning. Early like six thirty!”

Bukky screeches. She lifts her hand and gives Gina a high five. “I told you it’s not difficult. Hmm. By the time boys handle her… huh!”

“Wow, that woman you hired did a good job o.”

Bukky laughs. “Na all these Nollywood wannabe o.” She does a little dance. “Good good good!”




DumpedDr. Amarachi Obi-Okeke combined beauty with brawn. As the only child of wealthy entrepreneurs, her husband had to be perfect. He had to be smart, and ready to take over a multi-million-naira empire at home and abroad. By all standards, Okechukwu Okafor did not measure up and Amarachi may have to forfeit her bright future, or dump him.


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Even the Lawful Captive

CaptiveAfoma, like all the other girls and men in Chief’s estate feared the guy called ‘Texas.’ He had a reputation for being brutal, and never failed to execute his assignments to perfection. Afoma never imagined Texas would take any interest in her. But then he did, and like all his other assignments, was bent on succeeding in having a relationship with her. But a relationship with Texas would jeopardize everything Afoma lived for, including her life.


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People JumpingCHAPTER 14 


Outside Betty’s house, early in the morning, a Peugeot car comes to a screeching halt. Three men and a woman come out dressed in combats. One or two curtains in the neighbourhood open and people peep to see what’s happening. The woman stands by the car with one of the men. Two others go to Betty’s door and bang on it. An angry Betty yanks open her door. She’s dressed in bum shorts and spaghetti top.

“What exactly is your—?”

A dirty slap stops Betty’s words. The man who slaps her pulls her out, and both men grab her on either side. She tries to resist.

The woman with the group walks up to the three. “Look at the skimpy, scanty thing! See, by the time we finish with you, you’ll see a man, and run away!”

Betty struggles to free herself without success. “Who are you? Let go of me!”

The woman smirks. “My name is Nemesis. Day of reckoning. After today, women’s husbands will see you and throw up. My own especially.”

Betty becomes frantic. She is dragged to the vehicle. “Leave me alone. Leave me alone!”

Mma Pastor rushes out of her salon and runs to them. Mrs. Eke and a few people stand by the road on either side of the street, looking.

Mma Pastor goes on her knees. “Please, please don’t take her away. Please.”

The woman glares. “Are you her mother?”

Mma Pastor nods. “I’m her spiritual mother—” Looks at Betty who cannot hide her surprise. “Please, whatever she did—”

The woman bursts into laughter. “Spiritual mother. This one too has spiritual—” She turns to the men. “Please let’s go.”

Betty scuffles hard. “Mma Pastor, please, don’t let them take me away! Please help me.” She bursts into tears.

Mma Pastor grabs Betty and tries to free her. The men drag back and push Betty into the car.

“Please, in God’s name. Please, leave her. What did she do? Please.”

The woman walks to the car and opens the front door. The two men get in the back with Betty. The other man goes to the driver’s seat.)

“Slept with my husband. You’ll have her back in a few hours.”

Mma Pastor screams. “Please. Don’t do this, please!!!”

The car zooms off. Neighbours go back into their houses, clapping and hissing. Mma bends in anguish.

The Peugeot car speeds off with Betty. Mrs. Eke walks over to Mma Pastor shaking her head. “It is such a pity.”

Mma Pastor looks up at her neighbour and straightens. “I feel sorry for that young girl.”

Mrs. Eke hisses. “Hm, Mma Pastor, she’s not a young girl in any way! She has slept with all the men in this neighbourhood… except maybe Pastor, your husband!”

Mma Pastor looks shocked. “What?”

Mrs. Eke nods and hisses more. “Even my husband!” Mma exclaims, covering her mouth as though to curb a scream. Mrs. Eke smirks. “It is not news. She doesn’t go far. Once you’re married, and you have small money… Hmm. If not for God, my husband would have thrown us out… If not for prayers and wisdom.”

Mma Pastor shakes her head. “What a shame. Such a beautiful young lady.”

“That is how she has chosen to make a living for herself.” Mrs. Eke shrugs and turns as though to leave. “I’m sorry Mma, but I don’t pity her one bit.”

Mma Pastor follows Mrs. Eke. “Oh! What a terrible waste. Only God knows what those people will go and do to her.”

Mrs. Eke shrugs. “It won’t be anything she doesn’t deserve!”

Mma Pastor enters her house dejectedly. She stops short and looks round. She walks to a room, and comes back out.

Mma Pastor looks round. “Suzie?”

She walks out of her house across the road to Mrs. Uzo’s house. She presses the doorbell and waits.

Mr. and Mrs. Uzo stand on either side of Angel’s bed. Mrs. Uzo sobs softly but Mr. Uzo’s face is stone-hard. Angel is bound from head to toe and her right leg is casted and hung up in a sling. Though the doctors say she’s stable, she doesn’t look it.

After enduring four hours of surgery the day before, the doctors are positive. Mr. Uzo bites his jaw in suppressed anger. Only one thought runs through his mind, Angel needs to move in to live with him.

Supo walks in, an overnight bag in his hand.

Mr. Uzo gasps. “Who let this man in here?”

Supo startles. “Excuse me.”

“Get out of my daughter’s room.” Mr. Uzo points to the door.

Mrs. Uzo sniffs. “Paul, what’s your problem?”

Supo holds up his hand. “Amaka, it’s okay. I will leave. I’ll call you.”

“Get out!”

Supo shakes his head and walks out the door.

Paul Uzo whistles. “Bastard.”

Suzie finds the back door open and enters Betty’s house. She is glad there was a little commotion outside that took Mma Pastor out of the house before she could enter the salon and find her on the couch. In the night, she had combined two chairs to sleep and now her whole body aches. She can’t believe her mother left her just like that.

She peeps through the window just a minute before the car with Betty zooms off, and she hopes all is well. Betty was never spontaneous. She takes her time to do everything. She plots her movements. Suzie had never seen her rush off anywhere especially so early in the morning. It’s not even seven yet.

She opens the pot in Betty’s kitchen and finds jollof rice. She’s not had anything to eat since last night. She turns on the cooker and warms the food. After a healthy helping, she goes to the room, and lay on the bed. The feel of the soft mattress beneath her is too tempting. She draws a duvet closer, finds the remote of the air-conditioner and turns it on.

A few minutes later, she falls into a deep sleep.

Mr. Uzo opens the door to his house and switches the light in the parlor on. Paul is sprawled on the couch asleep, and the TV is on. For a moment his anger rises against the boy but he stops for a moment and studies him. The boy was his replica. How close had they been to losing Angel. He feara the girl will never remain the same.

He falls to his knees and rubs Paul’s head. The boy stirs and to his astonishment, reaches out and hugs his neck.


The single word breaks the dam of Mr. Uzo’s pain and he bursts into tears.

Paul jumps back and gasps. “Daddy!”

Paul Uzo senior grips his son’s neck and weeps into him.

Etido finally got his colleague at his security job to post bail and the group was released in the morning. He has only one thing in mind, revenge. If Mrs. Akpan thought she had seen the end of Imoh, and her family, then she had another think coming.

The men were given their belts and wristwatches back, and everyone got their shoes.

The policeman on duty, a slim man with a protruding stomach warns. “If you make any more trouble, it will not be this easy.”

Ekaette bends. “Thank you, sir.”

They head out of the station. Etido’s colleague, Godswill leads the way. By the road, he stops. “Etido, I don cover for you this morning o but you get to work in the night. Which kind wahala you dey find so?”

“My cousin is missing. Is that finding wahala? Ah, but that woman will see my wrath.”

Ekaette touches Etido’s arm. “Please Etido, let’s just go and find Imoh. She must be somewhere close.”

Etido hisses. “Somewhere close in this Lagos? You think this is village, Aunty? This is Lagos. Imoh can be anywhere in the world. Or in heaven.”

Ekaette gasps. “Ah God forbid.”

Mrs. Uzo opens the door to Mma Pastor and both exchange pleasantries. They walk to the sitting room together.

Mma Pastor turns to Mrs Uzo with urgency. “I needed to see you.”

Mrs. Uzo points to a seat. “Please sit, Mma Pastor.” They both sit. “I needed to see you too.” Her face crumbles and Mma sits beside her quickly.

Mma Pastor looks worried. “What’s the matter?”

Mrs. Uzo shakes her head frantically. “I am finished.” Bursts into tears. “Paul is in a cult.”

Mma Pastor inhales sharply. “Good God!”

Mrs. Uzo sniffs. “Police caught them during the initiation! Thank God they released him after a small fine… But he’s been active in the cult… Since his father moved out.”

“Lord have mercy!”

Mrs. Uzo sniffs. “The school principal called me… They wanted to suspend him!”

Mma Pastor fidgets. “What class is he in now?”

“SS 2. I begged and begged and they said since he was a first offender, he will be pardoned. But my son showed no remorse at all.” Cleans her tears. “There is this bitter anger just under the surface. The only person he relates with in this house is Angel.” Heaves a heavy sigh. “You should hear him speaking, using the f-word, swearing like a child that was not properly brought up.”

“Have you told your husband?”

Mrs. Uzo hisses elaborately. “Which husband? Mma, please. It can never work again. Can you believe the bastard was sleeping with that slut across the road…?”

Mma Pastor interrupts. “See how you are talking too.” Sits forward. “Ha, Mrs Uzo, what are we believers for? The Bible says a wise woman builds her home… Have you tried to build yours or you just get offended and fight back? If your children hear you now, what will they think?”

Mrs. Uzo sobs. “Which children? Where are my children? What difference would it have made? Paul has taken my son, and I don’t know where Suzie is now.” Sits up and sighs. “Even Angel, my Angel…”

Mma Pastor grabs her hand. “How is Angel?”

Mrs. Uzo slouches. “She’s… hey!” Cries harder.

“What? What?!”




People JumpingCHAPTER 13 


Mrs. Uzo glares at Mr. Uzo. “Go on, do it. Then I will show you madness here. Foolish man. Your mates are returning from work to a happy family, you’re here.”

Mr. Uzo breathes hard, his hand still raised above his head. “And what are your mates doing? Prostituting with men half their age?”

Mrs. Uzo hisses. “Shame on you.”

Mr. Uzo drops his hand. “Did you tell him your first daughter is sixteen?”

Mrs. Uzo sneers. “Are you jealous? Younger men are doting on me, is it paining you?”

“You’re a disgrace to motherhood…”

Nurse Bibi walks up behind them. “The doctors are out.”

The couple and Nurse Bibi rush back inside.

Mrs. Eke places food on the table and looks toward the parlour where Mr. Eke is seated, fiddling with his iPhone.

She raises her voice. “Food is on the table, dear.”

Mr. Eke mumbles. “I’m not hungry.”

“Sweetheart, please. What have I done? Haven’t I tried to plead?”

He raises his voice. “What are you talking about?”

Mrs. Eke walks over and kneels in front of him. “Ever since I sent that house girl away, you’ve been like this. Please.”

He glares at her. “What house girl?”

“Darling please now. Pity me. Was I supposed to watch you give that girl so much attention? See how I’ve been suffering since. Six months, darling. Please now.”

Mr. Eke rises. Two receipts fall to the ground from his body. “Excuse me.” He walks out of the parlour. Mrs. Eke drops her head in frustration.

Etido, Mfon, Ekaette and the others are locked up inside a cell. Mfon cries. Ekaette laments with tears in her eyes, and Etido paces like a caged animal.

Fatigued, Mfon and Ekaette are cuddled to one corner. The guys talk together in another corner. Etido leans against the iron bars, exhausted.

“Who did you say you called?” Etido says. No one responds. “Aniefiok!”

Aniefiok startles. “Hmm?”

Etido breathes hard. “Who did you say you called?”

“Oh, my girlfriend. Like her brother is a policeman.”

Etido frowns. “You think she’ll call him?”

Aniefiok nods. “She will. She came from home today to collect her school fees. She must call him o.”

Etido blinks. “From home? Her brother is a policeman back in Uyo or what?”

“Yeah. But they all know themselves somehow.”

Etido smirks. “How can that work?”

Mrs. Akpan and her children are at dinner. Itoro knocks once and enters the house.

“Aha, Stella, you didn’t lock the front door? What if it is one of those village idiots that just opened like that?”

Stella gasps. “Aha, mummy. Is it not Imoh that locks the door?”

Mrs. Akpan shouts. “Is there any Imoh here? Why do you behave like a foolish girl like this?

Stella grumbles. “I’m not foolish o, don’t call me foolish.”

Mrs. Akpan snaps. “Com’on, go and lock that door. Imoh will do everything for you, at your age.”

“Is it my fault? Do I know how to do anything?”

Mrs. Akpan claps. “Ah, Stella, your own has finished. At twenty, you still need spoon-feeding.”

Stella goes to the door. “Is it not you that does the spoon-feeding?” She taps Itoro. “Please come and go, I want to lock the door.”

Itoro rolls her eyes. “Aha, but I just came here now.”

Stella snaps. “Didn’t you hear my mum, I should lock the door.” She pushes Itoro gently. “Please go now.”

Mrs. Akpan hisses. “Stella don’t be daft.”

Stella frowns. “What did I do now?”

Itoro waves Mrs. Akpan off. “Don’t worry. Good night.” She turns and exits.

Stella sulkily locks the door.

Mrs. Akpan shakes her head. “Do you know you just disgraced me in front of that small girl? The whole compound will…”

“Mummy, abeg abeg abeg.” Stella hisses and walks into the house.

Paul opens cupboards and sees nothing. He goes back to the fridge and brings out a bottle of water. He pours it, drinks. Pours another glass, drinks. Pours the third glass, and throws it across the kitchen. He heaves and puffs and wonders what Betty must be thinking wherever she is.

Itoro walks to her room, moaning. “Nonsense woman. Instead for her to train her children. Well, it’s her loss. I’ll see how she wants to get free of these village people. Yeye woman. For me to even try and offer to help her. Tell her I’ll bring Imoh back, it’s her loss. Nonsense people.”

She gets to her door, opens it, and disappears inside.

Mma Pastor and Suzie enter the salon together. “Wait here first. Let me tell Pastor you’re here.”

Suzie clasps her hands. “I can wait here till my mummy comes back.”

Mma Pastor sighs. “I’m not praying evil but what if she doesn’t come back tonight.

Suzie sags. “She’ll just leave me like that?”

Mma Pastor shakes her head. “No dear, but I’m sure she’ll think you are inside your house or here.”

Suzie sobs. “But this our street is so small. How can someone just drive over Angel like that?”

Mma Pastor pulls her into a hug. “The man was drunk, dear. And he sped off. Hit and run like that are very dangerous people.”

Suzie sniffs. “At least mummy should have called.”

“She must be confused. I would be too if it was me.”

“She doesn’t care.”

Mma Pastor pulls back and stares at her. “Don’t talk like that. Wait a second, I’ll be back.”

Suzie sits in the dark salon and waits. She dozes once a while but startles back to herself. She stands, stretches and then hears voices from the interior of the salon. She walks toward the sound, which seemed to come from Mma Pastor’s bedroom.

Suzie quietly moves close enough to the semi-lit bedroom. Pastor is seated on the bed.

Mma Pastor is on her feet close to the door. “She’s only a child, Pastor. And she’s afraid. Will we just leave her like that?”

Pastor’s voice is low but strong. “Why not? I’ve been telling you the family is useless. They don’t fear God.”

“But are we not supposed to be a light to them?”

Pastor sneers. “Which light? Those blind people. How will a blind man know if there is light or not?”

“You can’t talk like that, dear. We are supposed to show them the way.”

“What way? See, it’s late, and I want to rest. I still need to wake up in the night to pray.”

Mma Pastor sighs. “So I can let Suzie in now?”

“I don’t want any son of perdition in my house.”

Mma Pastor gasps. “Aha, pastor! How is she a son of perdition?”

“How is she not? Please let me rest.”

Mma Pastor softens her voice. “Dear, please. Let us give that girl a place to sleep. Just for tonight. Please.”

Suzie tip-toes back to the shop area, and sits on a chair. Then she cuddles on the chair. She ends up on the floor, rolled up into a ball.

Mmayen rushes into her husband, Ekpeyong’s compound in Ikot Urua. Ekpeyong is seated on his long bench, smoking pipe.

“I want to go to Lagos.”

Ekpeyong glares at her. “Woman, go inside and sleep. You have had too much to drink in your father’s compound.”

Mmayen stamps her feet. “How can you send Ekaette to Lagos and leave me here?”

Ekpeyong sneers. “Who told you I sent Ekaette to Lagos? She went on her own.”

Mmayen shrieks. “I don’t believe you.”

“Believe what you like.”

“That is how you sent her useless daughters too. A woman that bore you only daughters is enjoying while me that bore you a son is here.”

Ekpeyong hisses. “So go and take care of your son, and stop being a pain.”

Mmayen whines. “I want to go to Lagos o!”

Ekpeyong chuckles. “To go and do what?”

“What did Ekaette go and do?”

Ekpeyong shrugs. “I don’t know. Her children are there. Her brother is there. Her sister’s children are there? You, who do you have in Lagos?”

Mmayen pouts. “Is Ekaette not there?”

Tina Eke sits on the floor right where she had knelt for her husband. She notices the two receipts, and opens them, a bit reluctantly. Her eyes darts around stealthily. She reads the receipts.

Her mouth drops open. “Heh! House rent in this Savanna Street?”