010816Iyke called her Lillian.

He believed calling her full name showed respect though he didn’t mind being called Iyke as against his full name, Ikechukwu. He was just everything Clarence was not. Everything she was not.

She got to know this after she seduced him into impregnating her, for Clarence. What woman did that? It was never possible to eat your cake and have it, to look north and south the same time. What went around, came around. She had thought she could have the best of both worlds. It didn’t happen.

She begged Clarence not to make her do it a second time. “He doesn’t deserve it.”

Those were the worst words she could mutter. Clarence blew steam. “Who gets what they deserve in this world?”

Bla was still alive, and she feared the cute cub more than his owner. Clarence took Bla with him whenever he wanted to intimidate her.

Bullying worked perfectly, with Bla in tow.

Gifts worked better.

“I have a gift for you, Lil,” Clarence whispered in her ears. “Just one more, then we take it from there.”

She hated how he called her Lil. Showed disrespect, because Iyke said so.

But then, she’d gone to the bikers’ club meeting with him. He’d known Iyke would be there because his sister, Iyke’s new flame, had upgraded him, much the same way Clarence did her.

And she’d done one of the things she knew best.

Tease Iyke till he lost control.


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