baboon-47367_1280The way he argued points to the end tickled me till he turned on me. My husband could not pass up a controversy.

When we first met, I thought it was so fresh to know so much and have an opinion about everything. He had his football team, Manchester City, but could discuss about any club in the world. Even ones nobody ever heard of.

Once my man got into the discussion, he always seemed to end up on one side, and everyone else on the other side. There was a day we were discussing types of meat with friends. Before we could spell “jack” my dear husband firmly stood on the grounds that red meat was the highest and best form of protein in meat.

Whew. After a while, everyone kept quiet.

He always needed to win his arguments. I just couldn’t understand. It’s anyone’s guess I am an introvert. If someone was doing the talking, why did my opinion matter? Thankfully, he learnt early in our relationship and counted me out of his banters.

After a while, I realized he didn’t quite count me out. He would be arguing about something, and if the other party invited me into the conversation, he would say things like, “What does she know?” or “Leave her out, she knows nothing.”

Beside the fact that I was a clinical psychologist with vast experiences in treating people from all works of life, I enjoyed many types of sports including soccer, watched CNN religiously, and was a top learner all through my primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

“She knows nothing?”

The first time my sister, Lydia, challenged my husband’s comment, I knew it would not go all the way down.

He waved me off. “As I was saying—”

“No, Bruce,” Lydia said. “What do you mean she knows nothing? We are talking about her field. We are talking about human character. My sister is an expert on human behaviour.”

I rolled my eyes. “In truth, where Bruce is concerned, I don’t know. Because he’s a research material to me.”

Lydia laughed. “Except that.”

Bruce snickered. So arrogant in his ignorance. “I don’t even feel bad. You obviously don’t know your sister. She’s blank on all topics.”

Lydia shook her head. “Let me get you right. She’s a doctor and a psychologist, okay? She has an IQ in the top 5% of smart people. She graduated with distinction in—”

Bruce hissed. “Ah, rest your case, Lydia. What has all that got to do with a person’s ability to discuss intelligently?”

Lydia gasped. I shrugged. He was right. Argue with a fool and no one would know the difference.


I call this #baboon – ITK (I too know.) He’ll give you a headache every time you open your mouth to respond to him, so why bother?

All the best in your love.


Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/baboon-mandrill-primate-monkey-ape-47367/

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