LeahSometimes she pitied Rachel. Her beauty was her curse. Though Rachel was hard to love. She flaunted what she had in everyone’s face, and blamed all except herself for the things she didn’t have.

“Give me a son! Or I’ll die.” Leah had heard her scream at Jacob.

“Am I God?” Jacob yelled back.

They were sisters but only the blood in their veins connected them. Many times, Leah wanted to draw Rachel closer but the presence of Jacob between them hindered her. Oh maybe it was unfair to blame this on Jacob.

With Jacob’s exceeding wealth and such a large family, the maids had two sons each, and Rachel now finally had a son of her own, who now was Jacob’s favorite son, Leah tried to find a balance for her life. God had blessed her with two more sons too.

Rachel was pregnant again. But she had to be grateful. Her life may not be the perfection she craved, married to a man who loved her. This was what every woman wanted.

However, when she looked at Rachel, who had married the man who loved her, what gain was there?

It no longer mattered whether she was hated or not. She was the matriarch. The first wife. She had more sons than her husband’s other wife, and concubines, and God crowned her with a beautiful daughter. What more could one desire?

A loving husband, or a useful husband?

He attended to her. Satisfied her. Provided for her. And over the years, he’d come to respect her. What more did she want?

If she had to choose a loving Jacob, and the one she had now, would she not choose the one she had? Rachel’s life wasn’t much better than hers. She just had to live with it.




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