baboon-47367_1280The cool dressing and huge physique sent the wrong message to most people. He was a smooth talker too. Before we became involved, I admired him from afar. He would stand out in church and share about the goodness of God, and I would always go, wow! Why weren’t guys like this ever available.

Like all ladies I know, of course nobody is interested in throwing themselves on a man. I had my fair share of attention from men but wanted someone confident. It was the main reason I accepted his first date.

It generally went well, but I noticed more than once that he made snide remarks, especially about beauty and success, like they were not good. Or should I say, his comments bordered on jealousy but it wasn’t quite so. Such sarcasm irritated me. He made one about my beauty too, but I let it go.

The restaurant we went was nice, otherwise, his company was fun, and I enjoyed myself. He asked for another date, and I agreed. I officially got involved!

His snide remarks continued on and off. He would say something really nasty about something I liked and apologize. I counted it as nothing at first but gradually, I realized he procrastinated a lot, and believed all, young and rich people were either fraudulent, or drug-pushers.

Unfortunately for both of us, my brother made his first million dollar at the age of twenty-three, selling coded software. Since then, he’s made even more. So I increasingly found my man to be judgemental, and unmotivated.

Though people have told me he’ll come round, I discover he’s slow. Despite the great potentials I see he has, he constantly overlooks my suggestions about doing better.

Once I lost my control when he said, “Not everyone’s gonna be riding a Ferrari at 23, stop pushing me!”

More than once, I’d decided he wasn’t the man for me, but he was such a smooth talker and before I knew it, I was back in his arms…not literally though!

His awesome testimonies now sound so shallow to me because I know what he could be doing better. By the way, he’s a sous chef in a 7-star hotel.

I think he should run his own restaurant by now!


I call this #baboon – slow motion. Is this a bad thing? Maybe not. But if he’s with a forward-mobile woman, laid back may need to suffer to keep the relationship. His slow motion is not perhaps the issue. His sarcasm at success is.

All the best in your love.


Picture credit: https://pixabay.com/en/baboon-mandrill-primate-monkey-ape-47367/