GloryGlory is the ultimate Miss Vulnerable. After her parents threw her out of the house for “disgracing” them, and she has to live with the father of her illegitimate baby, who saw her as nothing but a liability, she is ashamed beyond reason that she is pregnant again! Out of wedlock.

She cooked and cleaned, and satisfied the man’s every whim in exchange for shelter and food. Nothing more. Did she deserve this mean treatment from the man who once professed he loved her? She thought so.

In my #TrueDream novel, He Taketh the First, Glory believed along with everyone else who cared to have a word for her, she was a liability and a disgrace to womanhood.

Somewhere inside, her goodness is not tainted however.

I’d always said kindness rewards, no matter how badly we’ve been treated. And Glory is a kind woman. She is forgiving, she’s vulnerable toward those she loves, and she is sensitive.

And all these beautiful character traits will define her path in life.

Do you imagine who can be Glory if I were to shoot a movie based on this book? I’d go for Stella Damasus, though I’m not sure she’s huge on the screens these days.

stella damasus

Read He taketh the first, A True Dream novel by Sinmisola Ogúnyinka. Find the book online on amazon, smashwords, iBooks, and other leading online bookstores!


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