chof 3Ursula had a natural small frame courted by luscious curves. The first time Lillian met her, she thought her husband’s sister was the most beautiful woman on earth. She thought they’d be friends. Ursula smiled easily, and her deep voice redefined husky.

Clarence the sadist didn’t celebrate his beautiful sister and soon Lillian realized the feeling was mutual. Clarence and Ursula might have originated from the same womb but had nothing else in common.

Seeing Ursula on Iyke’s arms the first time had driven a demon of murder into Lillian. Iyke was hers. And when Clarence plotted to have her get pregnant by her ex-lover, Lillian more than any other reason accepted with the hope her affair with Iyke will destroy his relationship with Ursula.

And it did.

So what was a wedding rumour about? She and Clarence had not been invited to the private wedding on the luxurious private Inagbe Grand Resort but the word spread like a wildfire. Her Iyke was getting married to her husband’s sister. That was pain too close to home.

If Iyke married Ursula, she was finished. After the second grand betrayal she and her husband staged against Iyke, she believed he would hate her forever. She couldn’t bear that. Marriage to Ursula would destroy her plan forever.

No, she couldn’t allow it.