rooo 4Married samples – Cyprian and Chinasa

This couple never met before they got married. They were introduced by their families and while Chinasa lived in Canada, Cyprian lived in Enugu till their traditional marriage was fixed. They communicated through social media, phone calls and chats, and fell in love in the meanwhile.

Illusions: Chinasa’s illusions about her marriage are enormous. Paramount is the fact that she has made herself believe that her marriage will be normal regardless of its circumstances. Cyprian looks forward to a submissive woman though she has higher prospects.

Expectations: Cyprian and Chinasa look for a harmonious home with seamless problems. Cyprian expects Chinasa to be submissive in her finances and to carry the load of their commitments since she’s richer. Chinasa expects Cyprian to step-up his game financially and take his position as bread-winner in the home.

  1. What do you imagine is a fantasy in your relationship?
  2. What are your core expectations in your marriage?
  3. Have your fantasies come true? If yes, how many of them? If no, why do you think they have not come true?
  4. Are you meeting your expectations? If no, why do you think so?
  5. What are your impressions of a husband’s duties in marriage?
  6. What are your impressions of a wife’s duties in marriage?
  7. When last did you do something your spouse expects – good or bad? What reaction did you get?

For the married only

  1. When last did you make love? How was it?
  2. When last did you say, “I love you” to your spouse?
  3. When last did you buy a gift for your partner, or give him/her a treat?